Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cozy Box Swap

I signed up to participate in the Cozy Box Swap #cozyboxswap2014 through Lipstick and Tractors.
cozy box swap
My partner was Faith from Life with Mrs. G and the Artist. Here's what I sent her:
 an infinity scarf, a mug and some hot chocolate mixes, a couple books and some chocolate.
It's a cozy swap, so I figured it was required to send a scarf, plus she lives in Indiana, it's cold there too. She said she liked hot chocolate, so I got a mug and a couple hot chocolate mixes. She also said she like Twix and Snickers, so I got her some of those. She also said she liked to read, so I sent her Playing for Pizza by John Grisham and Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold. The Lovely Bones is actually from my personal collection, it's one of my favorites, I hope Faith was ok that it wasn't new.
Here's what I found in my box from Faith:
 And here it is all unwrapped:
A book of Lists, some knee-high socks, an owl ring, some fuzzy slippers, a candle and a card.
I'm intrigued with the book, unfortunately I have a ton of books to read from the library, so I'll probably take it with me on vacation in December. I love the socks and slippers. The owl ring is also very cute. The candle is fresh linen scented, and the card I can use for something else.

Thank you Faith, and Brandi for hosting the swap.

2 comments: said...

Cute slippers and I love that mason jar candle! Thanks for taking part in the swap!

Beth W said...

That candle looks like it could be used as a Mason Jar Mug when you're done with it- how cool! I love the socks, too. Great swap!