Tuesday, November 25, 2014


On my hodgepodge post I said I missed hanging out with my family. Tonight I was reminded of what I don't miss. My brother's back in town because of Thanksgiving this week, so we went to Red Lobster tonight. After eating we're sitting there and my brother's complaining about how little a raise he got this year. I wanted to say I got a $.25 at one job and maybe a .2% raise at my other job. I love how he's always talking about how much money he makes, I really don't care. And then my dad's talking about how hanging out with family causes people to drink and that's why there's so many domestic violence calls during Thanksgiving. Which I know is true, because I got my degree in criminal justice. And my mother's playing on her phone. We were there for about 2 hours. When I said I had a book to finish tonight, no one cared, because my reading of books is not important to them. Now, if one of them had something to do, you know we'd have gotten out of there. I certainly don't miss my family not caring about my life, or making it seem like I know nothing. My family drives me to drink too, but I don't drink alcohol. So, I'm sitting here with a Mello Yello, which I know will keep me up late tonight, and Fast Five. I was listening to the soundtrack to Hunger Games: Catching Fire a little while ago.  I usually need a little stress killer after hanging out with my family.

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