Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Valentine's Swaps

****EDIT**** I inadvertantly deleted this post, it was originally posted on February 5th or somewhere in there. My partner has received it and said she loved it. ****EDIT****
I signed up for Borrowed Heaven's Sweetheart Swap, my partner hasn't told me she received it, but according to the USPS website, it was delivered on Monday. She wasn't exactly forthcoming in what she wanted, but she said she loved hearts, so I sent her a box of hearts:
Skittles (she said she liked them), heart hanging decoration, a couple heart ornaments, a heart pillow, heart necklace, heart picture frame, heart candle, heart ice cube tray, and some valentine's day napkins.

I really hope she liked it. I tried to visit local stores as well as the bigger ones to have a nice variety of heart items.

I'm still waiting on my box, but I bet it will be great when it gets here.

I have another box I have to mail out by Saturday, almost done with that. I also have to finish making valentines for my friends, it's a good thing I don't have to mail most of them.

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