Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fun stuff

I was getting all excited because it will soon be March, but my mom informed me, they are planning to list the house in March. Now, I'm not so excited.
Awhile ago, I posted I had some big family secret that I couldn't tell anyone. My parents informed me in September that they would be selling their house and moving into a condo. I still can't believe it's true, we've lived in this house for 27 years.
I rent the third floor apartment from them for a reduced price with various stuff around the yard/house that I help out with. That means I have to find a new place as well, and get more money to afford a new apartment. I jumped on the bandwagon in September, looked around for jobs and apartment listings and I told my parents this, and they said I didn't need to do it then, so I quit. I keep reminding myself I need to do this again, but I can't get motivated.
I applied for a couple jobs and one of them I figured would have been an easy one to get into, I didn't get any of them. So, I got frustrated and stopped applying/looking. I guess I need to apply everywhere now. I keep hoping (most likely against hope) that they will hurry up and add the salaried positions they keep promising us at the library and I'll get one of those, but as time goes on, my faith in that keeps falling.
Today, my mother told me they were planning on listing things in March. This is the first time I've heard of it. So, basically I need to start shoving my stuff in boxes and into closets to hide it. I really do need to clean, I have been lazy lately with weather and sickness.

Speaking of sickness, did you hear we made the news? Wednesday, I get a call from the library asking how I was feeling, which I thought was odd. Apparently about 30 people called in sick with the norovirus and we didn't have enough to staff the library, so we closed. And the doctor said anyone who was sick on Wednesday wasn't allowed to come in on Thursday, so we were closed then too. I was fine, I got it the weekend before, that was fun. So, I went in to work my hours on Wednesday, Thursday I went in a little early as we were predicted to have blizzard like conditions. Thankfully, those started later than expected, so I got a few hours work in. If you'd like to read more, here are a few links: channel 13, ISU Daily, channel 5. We kinda decided all being together in the same room for our staff training day on President's Day is what did everyone in. They said the virus lives on hart surfaces, so workers came in and scrubbed down all our hard surfaces on Wednesday. It was kinda weird working when no one was there.

Anyways, back to housing stuff. I really don't want to move, I have a lot of stuff. I know I have too much stuff and I keep telling myself not to buy/acquire more, but it doesn't work. I'm going to work really hard on that from now on, hopefully it will stick this time. Not only do I need to be saving money, but I sure don't have room for more stuff. I did pretty well at sorting my snowmen/winter decorations to get rid of, and I told my mother this, and she said something like I don't need to get rid of things. It's so hard to please her, one minute she says one thing and then turns around and says the exact opposite.
I just wish I could get away from my life for a little while. Where's the easy button I can push to just skip all these things and be in a new place getting on with life?

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