Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sweetheart swap

I signed up for a Sweetheart Swap through Meg's blog at Borrowed Heaven, for Valentine's Day.
I received my package a little late, but well worth the wait.
Tami had emailed me saying it was waiting for me, so I went outside, I was expecting a box, and got a little disappointed when I didn't see one on the porch, and then noticed the blob sticking out of my mailbox. It's been very treacherous just making it to my mailbox lately, that I wanted to open it on the porch, obviously, a good a idea not to.
It was wrapped in a paper bag, and inside the bag was a priority mail envelope, here's what I saw when I opened that:
The first thing I saw was that paper rose, and just a bunch of stuff in the envelope, I just had to take a picture of it. If I mailed anything like that, it would rip and pour out in the post office, that's my luck.
And everything after dumping it out on the floor:
I love that everything looked like it was just poured into the envelope, made it so much fun to dump out and look at.
And arranged better:
Now, it's all opened:
some hot chocolate, pumpkin spice chai, chocolate, paper flowers, stickers, paper pads, a cute little phone cozy, and a fuzzy scarf.

Like I said, well worth the wait.

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Kristin said...

Thank you for joining in the swap! So glad you enjoyed it :)