Monday, July 16, 2012

Having Issues

I was so excited yesterday when I finally finished the card to send off with my hatbox. I got it all packaged up and in the mail today. Then I reread the blog post about the swap, I was supposed to make something for my partner. Well, I'll be doing that tonight and getting it in the mail, with extra fun for apologies.
This is the second time I've decided not to read carefully the blog post on a swap. The other day, I was reading the blog post for the Unbirthday cake swap, and learned I was only supposed to use Primary Bright colors OOPS. My base color is green, there's not a lot of primary colors, they are there, just not very prominent. I emailed my partner, and she's ok with it, but apparently I need to read better. (You'd think I'd pay attention to things at home, as much as I have to pay attention to details at work). Maybe my brain just shuts down after getting off work. I hope neither of my partners hold these mishaps against me, and hopefully the hostess's will let me join in future swaps.

In other news, my mother's taking me to a local zoo on Wed. The original plan was to go to Chicago Wed through Sun, but after I got someone to take my hours on Wed, dad calls and says they weren't going to leave til Thurs now. Well, since I used to have that so much with my ex (him changing plans after I got work off, that I couldn't afford to take off unless I wouldn't be around), I decided it wasn't worth it, to basically have 2 days in Chicago, and I knew what we would be doing for one. I only wanted to go to the zoo, I don't think my parents really wanted me to come anyway, as they had been planning it for awhile, and the only reason I was invited is because my aunt asked me.

What's going on with you all?

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