Sunday, July 22, 2012

I hate this

Sorry if this offends anyone, but I think I get to vent.
I fell down my stairs Tues morning, called in sick and went to the dr. They said I fractured my tailbone and gave me Vicodin. I had a really bad reaction to that Tues night, and decided not to take any more of that, I don't even know if it took away the pain, I don't think it did.
I had the day off Wed because of earlier plans, I think I may have overdone it on Weds with walking around. So, Thurs, I go back to work, I tell my supervisor I can't bend, so he says don't do that, and then when I'm floating, he sends me to shelf-read (which is making sure books are in order and cleaning the shelves). Can't really do that without bending. I really felt like going home in the middle of that shift, but I made it.
Fri I stayed the whole shift, and felt much better than Thurs. Sat, I worked the afternoon shift to close, my supervisor was extremely helpful, and everyone else I was working with didn't seem annoyed with having to pick things up from the floor. I really can't bend down without pain, it's really fun. I'm curious to see how long it takes before people get annoyed. I've been taking ibuprofen before I go to work, but it's hard to know how much of the pain it takes away, I take more before I go to bed. And still don't get a ton of sleep because there are very few positions that are comfortable.
My dr said 3-6 weeks before I'm completely healed, I did get someone to take one of my shifts on Wed, since it's my 8 hr day. I'm just so tired after standing at work, with not my full 8 hrs sleep, I'm so sick of it.
I have pretty much 3 positions that don't hurt: standing, sitting bent very forward, and mostly but not all the way laying down. I can't really do anything except watch tv, and sit for short periods of time because I get sick of sitting hunched over. I get so bored at home.
I decided it's actually cheaper for me to go to the ER instead of the clinic, when I sliced my finger open, my insurance covered some (I have no idea how much), then I applied for financial aid, and what was left, I could afford. When i got my xray for my kidney stone, insurance didn't cover any of that, and I know that will be expensive, the dr's time and the meds I don't think will be that bad.

Between this, job things and feeling like no one reads my blog, I'm really not liking my life right now. I very rarely get comments on here, so I wonder if anything I post is really interesting. Plus, no one's said if they're interested in a giveaway for my 800 posts, if I do one it will be craft supplies and most likely something I've made. I'm cleaning out my craft closet, so there's good stuff I just don't have room for, I've been putting things in flat rate priority mail boxes. I already have one full of paper.

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Creative Wings Boutique said...

Don't get discouraged .I just recently realized that. blog is not a way to connect to other people. I blog because I like to document that crafty find s n vintage goods. for a while I didn't get any comments unless I was doing a giveaway . I hope your back gets better hugs Tabitha