Friday, October 01, 2010

Garage sale finds today

So, today, I went to a few garage sales on my way home from picking up my ring. I had originally planned to go to 3 garage sales, but as I was on my way to the first one, I ran into 3 others. And then I found another one on the way to my 2nd and 3rd stops. Here's what I found this week:
At one sale, there were a ton of embroidered hankies, but I settled on 2, they were both $1.00 each, the silver plate was also $1.00, and then the 3 flower items were $.75 each, but the man gave me everything for $3.00 even.
These I found at the second sale I went to, the first one was extremely high in prices, I find it interesting the vast selection in prices between sales. It seems some people are trying to get rid of their items, some people are trying to make money, and sometimes I get the vibe that some people were told to get rid of their items, but they figure if the prices are so high, no one will buy items.
Anyway, the hair comb was too cute to pass up for $.10, and the tiny cup was $.25. So, $.35 there.
This I got at the last sale, it was only $.10, I've been trying to rely on my math skills more than calculators lately, but I'm not that good at math, so I keep buying math books at sales. By the time I got to this sale, I only had a $20 bill left, and when I tried to pay, the lady said I could just have it because I didn't want all the change and she didn't want to count it out. I actually did want the change, because I'm trying to pay even amounts of money and save all the change in a piggy bank (and a camel bank, and a ladybug bank). I've been doing this since I started reading Simply Altered last year. It's worked pretty good, I cashed in my change when I went to Hawaii in January, think it was about $200, and again when I went to Okoboji, this past August, there was a little over $100, then.
Back to today, I wasn't about to argue on getting the book free, so nothing spent at that sale.
These are from the 3rd unexpected sale I stumbled over. These 3 items weren't marked, but the one below was marked $.25, the lady said she'd give me everything for $.50. I have no idea what I'm going to do with the cross or the scrolly thing, but the Santa is for my mother, she collects Santas.
This is from that 3rd sale. It was marked $.25, I believe it's a candle holder, I just liked the color.
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Debbie said...

You crack me up you theory behind garage sales...I do believe you are correct. Some just do not really want to part with their they mark it high. I really like the hankerchiefs...I passed some up a couple of weeks ago, sorry I did now. Cute you admit your math skills are not up to par...mine either and I was a bookkeeper HAHA!

Debbie said...

Thanks for joining me, and I want to also say...thank goodness for calculators!!~