Saturday, October 09, 2010

Happy Pink Saturday

Hello all, and Happy Pink Saturday, I also need your advice.
I hope this works for Pink Saturday, as it's not completely pink, but it does have pink in it.
My grandmother made (crocheted or knitted or something else with yarn) this blanket (I believe it was referred to as an afghan) for me when I was younger. It was supposed to be a graduation from high school present, but as she died before I graduated, it was given to me earlier. Here it is on our porch swing (which hasn't been on our porch for some time):
Here's a close-up of the stiches:
Through out the years (almost 10), I have used it quite a few times, it's really nice and cozy, and in that time it has acquired a few stains (and smells a little). Here it is on our porch railing:
And here's another close-up of the stitches:

And here is my question for you: Can I wash this in the washing machine? I know there's a gentle cycle, and I also know aside from standing in my shower and spraying water on it and lathering it up with soap, I don't have any other place to wash it. I was thinking I could probably put it on the gentle the cycle with some soap and it would work. The stitching seems pretty tight and as I said I've had it quite a few years, about 15 actually, so it's been through a lot and other than a few spots it's in roughly the same condition as it was when I got it.
Any suggestions would be great.
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LaVerne said...

Wendy, I'm no expert, but your afghan is probably not wool so it should do fine in the washer on gentle...add a little fabric softner to the rinse cycle and it should be good as new. If you have a place to dry it on a sheet on the porch, that would be better than the dryer, but I'll bet it can handle a not too hot cycle in the dryer. It really is a pretty afghan and the stitching is beautiful...lucky you. have a Pink Week, LaVerne

Gail said...

Washing and drying your beautiful afghan is fine. I have a big one that I have washed and dried many, many times. I would use the gentle cycle for sure. You many find the tassels tangle though. What a beautiful gift you have there, I would keep it indoors though, sun and dirt are is very hard of fibers. Happy Pink Saturday.
Hugs Gail - Decorating My Tin Shack