Saturday, October 16, 2010

Garage sales this week

Alright, went to 5 garage sales, and our library's book sale this weekend.
First sale was about a block away from me, I got canvas boards for $1.00, a book on Iowa for $1.00, the paper punch for $.50, and the mysterious bag for $.75
All I saw in the bag was the lace, but here's what else was in it:
Next sale I went to was a church sale, it was pay whatever you thought was reasonable, I thought $3.00, but just being up there in line, I was persuaded to pay $5.00
I got these activity books, napkins, journal, pencils, and
a box of buttons, the Santa figuring, and the 2 pins.
Here's a close-up on the pins, I'm planning on putting one or both in the Halloween giveaway:
Next was another garage sale, the Puzzlemania/Mathmania activity books were $.50 each, Guess Who was $2.00. I find it funny how people love to try and sell activity books where all the activities are already done.
I got the bag of stamps for $.50, the cat stamp was $.75, and the stuffed animal was $.05. The stuffed bug, is a doodelbug from Sesame Street, you never see those anymore, so I had to buy it and for only a nickel.
Here are the stamps that were actually in the bag, what sold me was the two frogs, I bought the whole bag for those.
Lastly, I went to the library book sale today, I usually go on Sunday, because it's half price then, but I'm out of town tomorrow.
The Quick and Tasty book was in the special collections for $3.00, and I'm not exactly sure why, the book next to it was in the regular nonfiction section for $1.00, and it's much bigger than the other one.
I also bought these image books for $.50 each.
Check out Debbie's party here, go here to see last week's sale finds, and don't forget to sign up for my Halloween giveaway here, it ends on the 20th.


Debbie said...

look at you with all your fun finds. I really like the cookbooks. Thanks for joining me...I added the link to the party. Have a good one.

Leann said...

Score - love all your fun finds!

Enjoy them!

Linda said...

Lots of goodies! I'd love to find the canvasboards and other supplies!

Nerissa Alford said...

Fun stuff! I just lived vicariously through your post - thank you. I used to hit estate sales all the time when I was back in the states & boy do I miss them!!