Sunday, October 10, 2010

Garage Sale Finds this weekend

This weekend, I went to 2 sales on Friday, and 5 sales on Saturday.
I don't have pictures of what I bought at the first sale, I know I bought some yarn and a tiny pumpkin "bag" to include in my Halloween giveaway.
The 2nd sale started at 11:30, and I had to be at work at 1pm. I misjudged how long it would take to get there, so had to slow myself down in walking as the ad said "no early birds", but when I got there it was barely 11:30, and there were tons of people. There were a lot of cool things there, unfortunately the pay line was a little wierdly set up. There was a garage and stuff in the driveway, the pay table was on one side of the garage and there was stuff laid out on the other 2 sides and in the middle, when people started lining up to pay, they were blocking stuff that others were trying to look at, and since there wasn't much room, the line split up and then there were two lines. It turned out ok, I got done and home with enough time to get ready for work, here's what I bought:
A large cloth doll, about 13 inches tall (I keep having this plan to alter cloth dolls into something cooler, I've bought 2 tiny ones earlier in the year, and haven't done anything with them either) for $1.00. A sheet of leaf stickers for $.10, there was a sheet of very small glittery Halloween stickers for $.50, but the sheet was smaller than the one I bought, I decided it wasn't worth it.
I also bought small Thanksgiving napkins for $.25, and some bigger Thanksgiving napkins for $.50. We usually use paper napkins for Thanksgiving, so I decided these were a good buy.
I spent $1.85 at that sale.
Saturday, I had 4 sales planned out, one was about a half hour walk from my house and then I planned to back track back to my house. There were about 10 sales in the paper, but as I walked back towards my house on a pretty busy street, I noticed all these sale signs everywhere. Maybe the 80 degree weather got people to decide to have sales.
At the first sale, I found this great older BINGO game for $.50
I also bought a bag of old game pieces (figured I could use them in art) for $.50, a stuffed frog (to add to my frog collection) for $.25, and a neat 3 footed bowl (?) with handles on each side, and you can't see it in the picture, but there is an etched flower in the front for $1.00.
I spent $2.25 at that sale.
There was another sale across the street, that I had gone to earlier in the year (partly the reason I went back, I have a tendency to do that, also in the ad they posted HOARDER's DELIGHT, and how can you pass that up?), but they didn't have anything exciting this time.

Next I went to a sale that boasted to be a huge sale, cleaning out grandma's house. When I got there, about an hour after it started, it wasn't that big, but I did find some neat items:
A little creamer and sugar dish, I have a pink version of the creamer, and I love the set to go with it, for $2.00, $1.00 for each piece. Also found a cute blue teacup and saucer for $1.00
Also, found some cute jewelry pieces, the box was $1.00, the stick pin was $.25, the gold and pearl bracelet was $.25, and the earrings were $.50. I have no idea what I'm going to do with these pieces, but they are incredibly cute.
I spent $5.00 at that sale.

The next sale wasn't on my list, but one of the sale signs I saw on my walk back. It boasted a bake sale, which picqued my curiosity.
I bought a plate of cheerio bars and peanut butter corn flake bars, they were both marked $2.00, but I got them for $3.00. I also bought some band candy, both $1.00. The person doing the sale was a neighbor, which totally makes me more interested in bake sales, she told me that the high school no longer let band kids sell they're band candy in school anymore. This is the same candy my friends sold when I was in high school (about 8 years ago), so I knew it was good candy.
I also bought this really cute stuffed pig for $.50, and the two bundles of yarn were $.25 each. The two little things at the bottom were free.
I ended up spending $6.00 there.

The last sale was also put on by a neighbor, I only found a few things there: a sheet of adhesive jewels for $.50, and a bag of beads for $.50, unfortunately, I think I jumped on the beads, because after I got home, I decided there wasn't much in there I wanted. Anyone want a bag of beads?
So, I spent $1.00 at that sale.
I ended up spending less than $20.00 this weekend, which sounds like a good weekend to me.
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Susanne said...

I use little compacts like the one you picked up in the jewelry that I make. The shell one in your next post would be lovely as well.