Sunday, September 26, 2010

Garage Salen

So, yesterday, I talked my friend Karli, into hitting a few garage sales. The first one we went to was mostly kids stuff, the 2nd one was mostly antiques, and the woman running it sure liked to price things at $10. I found a bag (gallon size) of buttons, but she wanted $15 for it, that was a little pricey for me. I did find a couple things though:
This tiny little pale pink jar with a brass lip, is about 2 1/4 inches. It was $.75
This little sundae cup(?), is about 3 inches tall was marked free, a perfect price I thought.
This doily is about 8 inches in diameter, it was $.25
So, that was $1.00 at that sale.

The next sale we went to had tons of DVDs and CDs, plus lots of antique items.

I found this jar full of vintage buttons for $.25
The DVD was $3.00
That's $3.25 at that sale.

The next sale we went to wasn't very exciting. Karli had to go home and I had one more sale I wanted to stop at. I had gone to a sale at the same address earlier in the summer and found some very cute jewelry.
This time, I found this horse for $2.00, I had this same horse when I was a kid, unfortunately I played a bit too much with it, and the feet, the stirrups and his ears broke off. I still have the horse, so it's nice to have them both together.
I also found this cute little cherry pin, that's about 2 inches tall for $.25
And this teacup for $.50. It's very cute, there's a flower on one side.
And a flower on the other side
And a flower inside, but apparently I forgot that picture. Anyways, it measures a little over 2.5 inches tall and a little over 4 inches wide including the handle.
So, that was $2.75 at that sale, with a grand total of $7.00 spent on Friday.
Today (or more like yesterday, as I'm having this posted on Sunday), my mom and I hit a couple sales. The first one had a lot of antiques.
I found this cute little cup and saucer for $.75, the cup has 3 tiny feet on the bottom and measures 2 1/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide including the handle. The plate measures about 4 1/4 inches wide. They're souveneirs from New Orleans.
I also found this very tarnished silver bowl for $1.00. Remember this post, where I bought that silver bowl. I was looking at them today, and they are the exact same bowl, only one is really tarnished and one isn't.
I found this handkerchief for $.75
I also found these cute items. There's a tobacco coupon for $.25, a metal button with blue gems for $.25, 5 turquoise colored plastic buttons for $.5o, and a little owl pin for $.25
I also found these cute little bouncy balls for Christmas, my mom collects Santas, and I collect snowmen, for $.25
I also found some cute little heart boxes (which I also forgot the picture for) for $.50. And some cookies for $.40 each, I bought 3, they've been eaten.
That's a total of $5.45 for today.
Tomorrow (or more like today, since I'm posting this on Sunday), my mom, aunt and I are going to a local art festival. I'll show what I buy later.

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I'd have to have the horse or the silver bowl:)