Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pink Saturday

I've been wracking my brains on what to post for Pink Saturday this week, like I said before, I don't have a ton of pink items, but then I found some in my jewelry box. So, here they are:
This is a pink sapphire heart ring my boyfriend gave me for our 1st Valentine's Day together.
This is a pair of earrings I got in Hawaii this past January.
Here's a pair of (I'm guessing) faux pearl earrings I bought at a garage sale this year for $3.00.
And this is a pair of earrings, one of the ladies in my CollageATCs yahoo! group made me for my birthday this year. They are fabric rolled beads.

Head on over to Beverly's for more pink items.

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fiberdoodles said...

Happy belated Pink Saturday!