Sunday, September 12, 2010


That's how I felt about the 2 garage sales I went to today, one was a 3-family sale, and it seemed to have less than I've seen at single family sales, the 2nd one was held in conjunction with our downtown farmer's market, and they said it was going to be soo big, there were 6 vendors, one of them had prices like they were at an antique store (which is a very different market), and one was obviously jewelry that she had made (which was OK, I was expecting more random finds though)
So, here's what I bought:
A compact, that looks like
this on the outside, it's a shell with lots of clear rhinestones for $1.00
A close-up of
One of these two handkerchiefs that were $1.00 each, I thought the lacy one was very cute.
A bag of wooden winter pieces for 75 cents.
3 cards with buttons on them for 10 cents each.
2 books, Personal Hygiene written in 1913 and a Teachers Manual on How to Keep Order written in 1893. The personal hygiene book was $1.00, and the teachers manual was 10 cents.
Here's a picture of the two books above, plus 6 bingo cards that I got for 50 cents.
Everything but the bingo cards are from the 2nd sale. I also bought 2 loaves of bread, which are great tasting.
This month (Sept) is Library Card Sign-Up Month, and quite a few of the stores in our downtown district are giving deals to anyone who shows their library card. One of these stores was supposed to be the farmer's market, but when I showed mine, no one had any idea what it was for. That really turned me off in going back to them, they don't have that great of selection, but they obviously signed up to promote this, and then apparently forgot, one of the ladies even said, it could have been the other farmer's market (as we have one up north at the mall too), but when all the promotion places specifically say downtown farmer's market, that would be them.
I went to their winter cookie walk, where you fill a container (that turns out to be not very big) of cookies for $15.00, that was a huge disappointment as well, between the cookies not tasting very good, and the fact that even by picking up one of each cookie, I still had to buy 2 containers to get them all to fit (and the cookies weren't that big), it was very disappointing. I've gotten some weird looks and been ignored when I've gone there too, so I'm going to have to stop going there.
I love helping local businesses, but when people are rude, or don't follow through on things they signed up to do, I don't find them to be very good businesses (whether they're big or small). Enough of my rant, check out Debbie's blog for more garage salen.

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