Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hawaii 1-8-10

No pictures for this one, sorry.

Got up more or less early, went for breakfast, packed. Mom and I went shopping. I bought a small piece of fabric, should have bought a sexy sleep thing for Kevin to enjoy. Looked at a shop with a lot of cars like mine (I collect metal model cars, like bigger versions of matchbox and Hotwheels, and this shop I could have spent hours in, it was so cool.). Mom bought some neat things for me for Christmas next year (I've already forgotten about them, let's hope mom doesn't loose them before then). Wandered through a lot of shops with cute clothes, should have bought some. Got back on ship, ate lunch, had a nap, felt sickly from boat moving way too much, took medicine. Went to look at pictures, ordered some. Went to shops, got postcard and napkins, ate supper. Packed More. Left our checked bags outside at midnight.

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