Friday, September 18, 2009

All I want to do o o o

I am so exhausted and sore. It seems like every part of my body hurts.
I worked the Sugarland concert last night, and I've decided I need new black shoes. I had fun though, I got to be the person to look through people's bags, that was a new thing we're starting this year. I did get rather annoyed with the number of people that joked about having guns and knives and stuff in their bag. I mean we all knew it was a joke, but do we really need to joke about it? What if I had found something like that in someone's bag? The joke would have gone real sour after that.
We also had some problems with the scanners last night. In order to get into events now, we scan the bar codes on all tickets, doesn't matter if you picked them up at the ticket office, got them mailed to you, or printed them off the Internet, they all have bar codes and we have to scan them all. If they don't scan, or a problem comes up on our scanners, we have to send the people to the ticket office, I know we had quite a few of those.
And then we had the smokers. Last July, a law was passed that states you can't smoke in public places. So, we had to tell everyone that when they came in and of course when they came to ask us at intermissions where they could go and smoke. I get so sick of people asking "Really?" No, idiot I just said that to see what your reaction was. One of the police officers I talked to said people were going into the bathrooms and smoking, I was wondering how long that would take. And we also had people stepping outside doors that we didn't have someone by and smoking, there was even one door propped open with a door stop. I do wonder if the door stop was for the door for the beer, because we sure had a lot of that coming in. Though I do find it kinda hard to enforce the law when I see other people that are supposed to do it watching people walk right by them and lighting up. (I'm not going to give specifics because someone will find out it's me and I don't need them on my ass. I have nothing against them except for that incident last night).
I also got to yell at and stop people on their way out the doors that wanted to take their alcohol with them. I got quite a few with that. I nabbed a girl that was trying to hide it under a shirt, she successfully hide it from one guy, but I caught her. I had another guy that had a full cup, probably 8 ounces, that he tried to walk out with, I stopped him told him he had to finish it or dump it, so he went back in. I kept my eye on him, it was a good thing because about 10 minutes later with about the same amount of beer he tried to walk out again. Then he gets all friendly with me, like that's gonna change my mind, and goes to hang out at the souvenirs table. I told my other door people to keep an eye on him. The last time he tried it, he walked over to me, handed the beer to me and left. He still hadn't drank much of it. Now, I don't know how much the beer costs, I think it's $6 or $7 a cup, but that's a big waist of money if you ask me.
You could definitely tell the people who get rushes while working concerts. One of the top guys in concessions came over and told us how he got to break up a fight, and you could so tell he loved it. I have to say I did get a little rush stopping the annoying guy with his beer.
One of my coworkers kept apologizing for having to look in people's bags. I don't apologize for doing my job, I don't think anyone should, if you feel that uncomfortable doing it, don't. And my coworker wasn't even assigned to look in people's bags, so they could have handed that job off to someone else. I mentioned how they shouldn't apologize about it, and they kinda turned a cold shoulder to me for the rest of the evening. Next time, I guess I'll keep my mouth shut. This coworker also didn't go after anyone who was leaving with alcohol, when that was in the instructions given to us. If you can't handle doing what you're asked, go do a different job. If you don't like being rude to people and making them follow the rules, maybe you should reconsider.
I know why my feet and legs hurt, though I'm not sure why my muscles in my armpits hurt, and I'm not quite sure why my head's all stuffed up. I can handle it though, I already took some aspirin and that has taken my headache away, but my feet still aren't liking it when I get up. So, my plans kinda changed for today, looks like I'm taking it easy for today. And I have to get some better shoes for the Daughtry concert.

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