Sunday, September 20, 2009

What a beautiful day

My mom kept saying this afternoon what a beautiful day it was. I agree with her now that my day is pretty much over.
It started at about 7:30 AM when I got up to check email. Kevin called me a little before 8 and asked if I wanted to go to HyVee's breakfast, we went, ate and came back. He took a shower and we entertained ourselves with a little extra curricular activity then he went to sleep and I went to mow the lawn. At about 1:15 when I was done with the lawn, I took a shower then me and dad went on the local home tour. We got done about 4 with that, I took a nap and then woke Kevin up and we had some more extra curricular activity and a shower. About 6 we picked dad up from campus and went to supper at Valentino's. Kevin left from there for work and dad I just got home.
Yes, it was a very beautiful day.

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