Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Darling, I love you

I wanna go shooting. So much. I haven't been shooting since April, of course if you stop and think about it, the first time I'd been shooting since 2002 was last fall. But, I know when I miss something like this, I really like it. And I love shooting my rifle a lot better than shooting handguns. Probably because it has a scope on it and I can hit things with more accuracy.

I'm so jealous that Kevin got to go shooting on Labor Day. I'm also jealous that he got to check out the new Bass Pro Shop in Ankeny. Actually, I'm kinda pissed he checked it out without me. I so wanted to be with him when he got to see it, just because it sounded really interesting to me. I don't like sporting goods stores that much, but when they had a sneak peak on a local news station, it looked pretty cool. Actually I'm kinda pissed about what he did on Labor Day because between those 2 things, that would have been a fun day. But he was thinking about us and needed a couple days with his guy friends. I get that too, but...

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