Thursday, March 19, 2009

The way you make me feel.

UGH! I'm so bad at keeping this regularly updated, and for that I apologize.
In the meantime, I have been dealing with an ear infection that finally cleared up yesterday. I never had ear infections as a kid, so I really hated dealing with this. There was a basketball game that I was working, and I guess I had the radio up really loud (on the case of being partially deaf in one ear), and one of the officers made a comment about it. Thankfully, it finally cleared yesterday and I can hear again.
It's been pretty nice out lately, Sun and Mon we got into the 70's and this week promises to be all in the 50s. I'm pretty happy about that, though I'm having a hard time getting my butt in gear to get out of the house and go on my walks. Sunday, I walked down to Target and back (I mapped it online afterward and found I walked about 3 miles), I spent way too much money on Hotwheels cars. Why do they have to have all those cool '60s models out? So, yesterday I told myself I was going to go on my 4 mile walk, left at 4:30, so if it took me 2 hrs I'd be back before 7. That didn't quite work out as planned. For some reason my left ankle started hurting and made me cut the walk short. I haven't mapped it out yet, so I don't know how much I walked. I'm also finding it annoying to have to go without music.
My Mp3 player's battery will not last over 30 minutes lately. It's pretty annoying, and seeing as it's an internal battery, I'd have to buy a whole new replacement and send it in to be replaced. I feel kinda annoyed since it's only a little over 2 years old (I got it for my graduation from college in Dec of 2006) and I know it cost my brother a pretty penny.
I do have a little portable radio, but the antenna must suck, cause I seem to walk 2 feet and can't get the same station in.
I have found out that walking to and from work every night I do walk a mile. That's nice to know, but seeing as how I've plumped up lately, I need to do a little more and actually work out.
In other news, after getting my new toy, Kevin and I went back to his parents home and then went shooting where I shot up this guy. Kevin says it was from 20 yards away. I'm not sure if that's really good, considering I have a scope on my rifle, but I'm pretty happy about it.
Sorry, about the quality of this picture, I did something to my camera and now it won't zoom as close as it did before. I'll have to ask Ross to look at it next time he's in town. Anyways, if you can see, I hit the van 4 times. Once through the top, next to the circle window, once close to the front windows, once at the back wheels there, and once that you can't really see, but I kinda nicked it at the bottom of the undercarriage.
In this picture: you can (hopefully) see I hit the whole packaging 6 times. The 4 on the van, and then once on top of the van, and once through the cardboard picture near the front of the van.
I was remarking how much fun I was having shooting things that day. It was Kevin, his brother, his dad and me. We had his brother's plywood target stand, with my van, another hotwheels car, some paper targets, shotgun shells sitting on top of it, pop bottles on the ground, shotgun shells on the ground, and some wood sticking out of the ground. We spent about 3 hours (maybe?) shooting. I was having so much fun. Plus, Kevin says the rounds for my .22 are pretty cheap. I really can't wait to go shooting again. Kevin and I are considering buying a membership at Ike's here in town. He's got a fun little arsenal to play with, and I am loving my rifle.
Also, I did find some new boots, I went to Kmart, Walmart, Target, JCPenney's, Younkers, Journeys, Hot Topic, Payless, Thiesen's, everywhere that sold boots are our mall, all the places downtown (there's a couple), a few places in Cedar Rapids (Famous Footwear, Macy's I think, Sears), some places in Des Moines (DSW, Scheels, G&L Clothing, Sportsman's Warehouse {OK, that's in Ankeny}, Dillards), I even went to and didn't find what I was looking for, and finally found a couple pairs at the Payless in Des Moines, at a pretty fair price, I bought 2 pairs, so if one wears out, I still have another one. They're working out pretty well.
I'm surprised at the lack of hiking boots/nice looking boots people had. I've made the conclusion women aren't supposed to hike at all. I found minimal pairs of hiking boots at best, and the ones I found were just that, hiking boots. That's what I loved about my Harley boots, they looked nice so you could wear them to work (I have) and then go hiking at the Ledges after work in them. It's kinda annoying to have to switch shoes to do things, but I guess I'll have to in the future.
That's my news, I'll try to do better at updating, but I can't promise anything.


Sara said...

Hi there, I enjoyed reading your blog post and I’m glad that you were able to find a nice pair of boots for walking. I work for G&L Clothing’s online dept. and if you are ever stumped when looking for hiking boots again feel free to talk with our shoe dept. or even chat with us online about what you are looking for. We have a lot more inventory available to us than what is on the show room floor and would love to help.

WW said...

I did chat with an associate at G&L Clothing, he said they didn't have anything other than what was on the floor.
I talked to people at all the stores I visited, I guess my demands just don't mesh with what people have on hand.

Sara said...

I'm Glad you talked to someone at our store and I wish we could have helped you more. But thanks for stopping in and browsing our selection. Make sure to check back with us again, we receive new items all the time. Happy hiking!