Monday, February 16, 2009

A little help, please

Alright, kids, I could use some advice.
I'm shopping for new boots, you all remember when I bought these? A couple years ago? Well, they're wearing out (guess that's what happens when you wear them all the time), I have holes in the soles inside the boot, in the heels, going all the way down to the rubber soles, plus I'm getting holes under the toes.
I'm hoping to get something about mid-calf height, black, nice durable tread on the bottom, easy to care for, leather, less than 2 inch heels, and under $100.00 I love the style and everything about my current boots except that they're wearing out, if I could find something like that, I'd be in heaven. They don't need to be Harley-Davidson boots, it's just that those fit and were a great price at the time.

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Carrie said...

You can narrow your search by color, size, heel height, length, etc. Oh, and whenever I buy anything from them they upgrade my shipping to next day for free!