Friday, February 13, 2009

Love is in the air?

I hope you all are getting ready to celebrate Valentine's Day or Friday the 13th, whichever strikes your fancy, or both, that works too.
I have already received all my presents (and there were a bunch of them too), as Kevin is out of town at a storm chasers conference in Denver, CO. I was telling him he needed to bring me back something and suggested they should be giving away stress balls shaped like tornadoes. I don't think I'm getting anything though, oh well. You wouldn't think I needed something more after you see what all I got for Valentine's Day.
Last week he started by giving me this giant frog. He's at least 3 feet tall.
And after (or before, I don't remember which), he gave me this little one.
And this week he started (with something else, but that will be in my next post, as I haven't quite figured out how to upload more than 4 photos per post in the order I want them) with these guys, he picks me up from work Tuesday night with these 3 (or 4, depending on what you're counting) in his truck.

And then yesterday, we had to go out to his house to pick up the rest of the lot before he went on to CO.
Plus, the caterpillar

That equals 11 (there's another one at his house), well that's weird, I thought for sure there were 12, wait a minute, I forgot the one that's still attached to the mug he's in, guess there are 12. And the giant caterpillar, and.... Oh you'll have to look at the next post (or previous as it comes up on my blog) for that, it's the best present out of the lot.

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