Friday, February 13, 2009

AAAAH! It's Friday the 13th

So, Sunday night I spent the night at Kevin's house (that's when I got the other huge frog), and in the morning we went to Earl May (OK by that time it was more like afternoon, as we didn't get out of the house until noonish, and after making some trips to the bank and somewhere for lunch, it was well after noon) and look at their critters, and they had a cute little guinea pig, so cute. The lady said they received it on Friday, and it hadn't really been taken out and played with that much, and while we were there it never made a sound (important tidbit there).
That night, I go home and Kevin calls later saying he's bringing me a Subway sandwich and to meet him downstairs, I'm wondering why I have to meet him downstairs if we're just going to eat the sandwich here. So, I go downstairs and starts walking towards me with something in his hands, turns out his was holding the guinea pig we saw earlier. He said he was going to keep it at his house until Sunday (this being before he decided to go to the conference, mentioned in last post), and then give it to me, but his roommate didn't want her staying there. Apparently after dropping me off at work, he went in search of a cage and then went back to Earl May and picked her up.
Her name is Val, for Valentine's day and the fact that she's got bright red eyes. I've been missing having a guinea pig since my last one died. Val is ours, though she stays at my house.