Friday, January 30, 2009

Don't ever say that I'm not a team player

Tomorrow I get to work another basketball game. I sure hope it's a little less exciting than the last one. Last week we played Kansas and it was interesting, not because of problems by the fans, no the fans were very nice. But we had some very entertaining guests attend. I had Chewbacca come in my door and I saw a gorilla with a giant banana getting a drink at the water fountain.
I did have some annoying people too. I had a couple of guys that decided to go out and have a cigarette pretty much right after they were let in. Because of the law passed last July there is no smoking on public property (or something like that), all I know is you're not allowed to smoke anywhere on University property. They were smoking RIGHT outside the door, that's just annoying in itself whether it's legal or not. So, I go out there and yelled at them (it was windy, cold and I was annoyed to have to talk to them), I told them they couldn't smoke there and they better go to LWay or not come back in. I told the other person working the door with me, she'd have to deal with them when they came back in because I was so pissed. Apparently they weren't so nice when they came in either. I guess they were very rude to my co-worker.
I hate smokers, not all of them, I have come in contact with ones that are very considerate, but the ones that just disregard anyone else that gets in the way of their smoking. Those are the annoying ones.

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