Friday, March 20, 2009

People Annoy Me

Big surprise on my title, huh?

I had a chick in the store the other day with a phone glued to her ear chatting about how she didn't like that her babysitter had someone come over to the house while they weren't there (yes, I listened, when you come into a store, are the only one there, there's no music, you can pretty much expect I'm gonna hear your conversation. If it's so private, chat in your car, or your house), and then when she walked out, gave me a look that was something to the fact that I didn't help her. If you're going to be rude enough to have your phone plastered to your ear the whole time you're in here, I won't be greeting you. I've had enough people give me another look when I greet them while they're chatting on their phone. Because, then, I'm interrupting their conversation.
If I need help in a store, I'm not talking on my phone, and I sure don't have earphones in my ears (as I've seen enough times at the bookstore, while checking people out).

I'm also quite amused at people that say they're looking for ideas, then I have to pry out of them who they're looking for, and they get annoyed. My job is to help you with stuff in the store, if you're coming into the store looking for something, at least have the decency to tell me what, or who its for, then I can help you without (hopefully) getting on your nerves.

I hate it when people park illegally and then turn their hazards on, cause that makes it OK. Kevin loves writing tickets for those, cause then they argue, and they still get a ticket. Like today, there's a pizza delivery guy parked in the driving lane with his hazards on, cause I guess he's too lazy to park, go in and get his next deliveries and then leave. Course the pizza guys do that all the time, there have been numerous times when Kevin drops me off and he has to drive around a car in the fire lane with its hazards on, and while we're sitting there (for 3 seconds) the pizza person gets in and drives off. I think it'd be very funny if they were there when the fire trucks had to use the fire lane, cause they'd just push them out of the way. I'd laugh.

They had a segment on Tyra about morals, and showed some features of the ABC show, What Would You Do? One little 'experiment' they did was have a chick walk away from her laptop and cell phone in a hotel lobby, and then someone 'steals' them. I would've laughed. I've seen so many people do that at the library when I worked there. It's not my job to watch your stuff, how do I know whose it is? Mind you, I do pay attention. People have this false sense of safety when they're are people around. I would never walk off with my stuff sitting out. Even when I worked at the library and we were able to have our laptops out front, if I had to go to the bathroom, you can be sure I tucked my laptop (and anything else) underneath the counter, where my bosses would see someone go into.
The world is not as safe as it was when I was a kid, when you could leave stuff out. There's so many people that do crimes of opportunity because you were too stupid to take your laptop with you, or shut your car off and take the keys when you went into the grocery store for a minute. Yes, it sucks when those things are taken, but it's your own damn fault.

One of Kevn's coworkers the other day said they hated ruining people's days writing meter tickets downtown (when it was 70 degrees out), we were both thinking you are in the wrong profession. They took the job, to get closer to the police department because they want to be a cop someday. Good luck no ruining people's days as a cop. Someone somewhere said about 90% (I have no idea I'm paraphrasing) of the time when people run into cops its because something bad happens. Very true. I also read this, about how the cop wanted to help people, we had a guy at the PD here like that, he was a teacher, now I don't know the reason he quit, but I can guess it's because people didn't want his help. That's how it is, so many people have this idea that people are good. People aren't good, yes there is a percentage that is good, but most people you run into have other intentions.

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