Sunday, March 22, 2009

We got it going on

I forgot to mention what Kevin and I have been doing lately. One time when were at smallmart, he picked up tome plasti-kote truck/car color touch up, that they were clearancing out for $1.00 each and a whole bunch of Hotwheels/Matchbox cars, and we have been painting them to our liking. It's pretty cool. The first night we did it, we were up until 4:00 am, and unfortunately woke up my mom a couple times. Got an earful from her on that.
Also, I've had a jonsing (don't know the real meaning of that word, or where it came from, I know it means something like craving, cause they used it in the Red Dragon) for ice cream, no idea why. Last Wed, I watched Modern Marvels or something like that on ice cream on the History channel, and they were at the Dreyer's factory and other places. I did learn that the ice cream sandwich was born in Iowa, pretty cool huh?
Anyways, I finally bought me some last night at mallmart. Creme Brulee and half-baked from Ben & Jerry's. I've always wanted to try B&J's but its so expensive, I decided to splurge last night. It's good, but you can basically get the same stuff from Blue Bunny for less.

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Jordan Deatherage said...

Hi WW,

My name is Jordan, and I work at Barkley, the PR firm for Blue Bunny ice cream. I wanted to say thanks for the great shout out! Did you know we have an iScream Team where you can sign up for free coupons via email? Check out to sign up!