Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You're just a child with a temper.

Replying to Carrie's comment on my last post. Just make sure you don't tell my mom that, because she'll just blow you off. Kevin and have decided that she can't handle it if someone knows more about something than she does, or if they prove she's wrong. Like this weekend, she was commenting on how the weather people can't really predict a week in advance about the weather, and Kevin (who storm chases so knows these things), said meterologists can predict large storms about a week out, and she pretty much just brushed him off. I've noticed this when he gives us advice about certain things around the house, like the messed up job the guys did cementing the driveway, and about the large crack in the end of the driveway. Mom will basically change the subject. I wonder if she feels that way about my knowledge about criminal justice, come to think about it, she does like to argue a lot when I mention something about CJ and stuff in my textbooks.
It sure makes me think about her when I start thinking on my own. Bet she hates that. Wouldn't want her daughter to have her own mind and say in her life.

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