Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kicking your ass would be a pleasure

See how much you know about astronomy. I will post the answers either: tomorrow (or next time I blog) OR when someone has comented with their answers.

1. Since 1976 NASA has been landing spacecraft on which of the following planets?
A. Mars
B. Saturn
C. Mercury

2. Which of the following is no longer considered a planet?
A. Earth
B. Jupiter
C. Pluto

3. What is considered essential for life on any planet?
A. Salt
B. Liquid water
C. Rock

4. What is a blue moon?
A. A moon that looks blue
B. A moon that appears sad from Earth
C. The second full moon in a calendar month

5. Which telescope is currently orbiting in space?
A. Mt. Palomar
B. Hubbell
C. Keck

6. A comet is made of which of the following materials?
A. Ice and dust
B. Flaming gas
C. Satellites

7. What is a constellation?
A. Stars that are close to one another
B. Stars that travel together
C. Stars that just look like a pattern from Earth but may have no relationship to one another

8. The Big Dipper is part of which constellation?
A. Ursa Major (Big Bear)
B. Ursa Minor (Little Bear)
C. Tres Ursae (Three Bears)

9. How many stars are believed to be in a galaxy?
A. Fewer than 100 stars
B. Approximately 100, 000 stars
C. Millions, billions, or more stars

10. Our solar system is in which galaxy?
A. Andromeda
B. The Milky Way
C. The Sombrero Galaxy

11. Which constellation includes five stars that form the letter W?
A. Cassiopeia
B. Aquarius
C. Pisces

12. Which planet is known as the "evening star"?
A. Saturn
B. Venus
C. Mercury

13. What is a shooting star or falling star?
A. A fast-moving ring around Saturn
B. A meteor created from burning rock or metal
C. The sparkling buckle in Orion's belt

14. In 1962, who became the first American to orbit Earth?
A. John Glenn
B. Sally Ride
C. Neil Armstrong

I got 13 out of 14

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