Thursday, June 05, 2008

I hate my body

Or at least the thing that has to come and screw up my life once a month. I was at Kevin's house tonight and I was gonna spend the night, only when I was in the bathroom, something told me that Aunt Flo might be coming for her visit early (like tomorrow), so I told him that and that I should go home seeing as how I had nothing there and I would be very grumpy and having cramps all day tomorrow. I'm pretty sure he didn't take it as the truth and that it was an excuse and took me home, he claimed (not in so many words) that he wasn't in a bad mood, but I could tell. And I really wanted to spend the night too.
So today, I woke up figuring I wouldn't see Kevin all day because of the probability of storms, I call him about 11 and he says he won't be chasing today. So, I decided to walk to his house (4 mile walk, outside town), I did surprise him with that. After going somewhere to eat and picking up a bike he bought, he convinced me to get my (brother's) bike and ride around one of the parks. I haven't been on a bike since grade school, but as the old saying goes, yeah I did take to it pretty quickly. Kevin figures we rode about 11 miles today. My ass hurts. And the perfect ending to such a good day would be to spend the night at my boyfriend's house, but we all know that didn't happen. I feel really bad about it, I wanted to so bad, and I'm so disappointed I don't get to.

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