Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Fallgasm 2016

Since I didn't do Hodgepodge today, and I saw one of my Youtube subscriptions do this, I thought I would too. They are fall questions.

1. Favorite thing about Fall: That it's getting closer to Christmas. I love buying stuff for people, especially for Christmas.
2. Favorite month of Fall: September, cause I love looking at school supplies. I don't need any, and I sure don't have a use for them, but I love looking and buying some of the cheap ones.
3. Favorite Drink or Starbucks Drink: I don't drink Starbucks. I do like a chai latte.
4. Favorite Bath & Body Works Candle for Fall: I'm not allowed to have candles. I accidentally left one burning while I took a shower and overnight at my old place. Obviously I didn't burn the place down, but I'm not allowed to have candles.
5. Favorite Yankee Candle for Fall: Same as above, plus I'm not a big fan of smelly stuff in my apartment
6. Favorite Fall Accessories: longer sleeve shirts. I don't wear a lot of them, but I do have a few cute ones.
7. Favorite Fall Activity: My grandmother's birthday. It's on October 15th, and most of my mom's side of the family turns up for it. This year we celebrated her 100th.
8. Favorite Halloween or Fall Tune: I like Thriller, but I listen to it all year long. I don't listen to stuff just around the holidays
9. Favorite Costume or what you are going to be: I don't do dressing up much. I'll be the same thing I was last year because I don't want to go buy another costume. I guess I liked the one I was a few years ago, I believe it was a dark angel, and I got wings.
10. Favorite costume for kids: Anything cute, and below five kids are just cute.
11. Favorite Fall Movies: Maximum Overdrive. I remember seeing a snippet of this at a party when I was in high school. Ever since I found it on DVD I watch it every year on Halloween. I may or may not watch it this year, I feel the more I watch it the less interesting it becomes.
12. Favorite Halloween Candy: I like the shaped things. I don't really like specific Halloween candy, but it's fun to have chocolate shaped like pumpkins or bats or whatever.
13. Hay ride or Haunted House: Hay ride, I'm not a big fan of things jumping out at me.
14. Corn maze or Pumpkin Patch: pumpkin patch, I'm pretty sure I've never been to either, but mazes are just not that fun to me
15. Halloween or Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving, I love the food. 
16. Apple or Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin Pie, or actually the really good pumpkin roll my mother makes. I'm just not a huge fan of pumpkin.
17. Favorite Thanksgiving Food: cheesy potatoes, or green bean casserole, or corn pudding.
18. Cider or Cocoa: cocoa. I don't like cider, plus there are so many kinds of cocoa nowadays
19. Favorite Fall memory: Going back to celebrating my grandma's birthday. One year we had a hayride, I like that one, except for the hay poking me, and then being itchy from the hay poking me.

What are other people's answers?

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