Friday, October 21, 2016

Collective Haul

 Because it's just more fun to do a collective.
Last week was the church bazaar weekend, sadly I had to go to a family function, so I could only visit one of them. But, I still found some good stuff:
 First up, a bunch of vintage ornaments:
 Everything in this picture was a quarter. I thought I could use the foam stickers for Christmas crafts, the rest I thought I'd be putting in swaps. I love how there's a Humpty Dumpty, a Raggedy Ann, what looks like a Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum and and African American one. I believe there was a card man, but he was kinda damaged. I'd have loved to see the whole complete set.
Next up:
 This set on the left, was too cute to pass up. The top is a holder for notepads, they had sticky notes in it. The bottom has it's own personal note pad, and the third piece is a stapler. I don't think they are regular sized staples, but still. Make sure you click on the picture to make it bigger so you can see the wicked cute animals on this. The reindeer is for my brother, it's getting harder these days to find reindeer that he'll like, they all seem to be covered in glitter.
This box was $2
I bought it because I could see the blue flower in the picture below:
 And then I found the owl necklace, both the owls are on one necklace, the chains are linked at the top. I love it and wore it to work the next day, but I kinda wish they were on their own chains, I might separate them.
And of course, baked goods:
Because that's part of the reason I go to these. I first picked up the cookies, they had dried cherries, white chocolate chips, chocolate chips and walnuts in them. The zucchini bread is for Thanksgiving. And I really wanted the chewy things at the top, they were $4, so I was kinda on the fence about them. They were really good, but I'm not sure they were worth $4.
My friend and I both had today off and I gave her some of the shiny ribbon that came in that box so she said she'd take me to lunch, which I thought was a bit much, because the ribbon cost maybe a penny, but if someone wants to buy me lunch, who am I to argue.
Since she has a car, we took a load of computer stuff to Best Buy, BAM is right next door and they are both wicked south and I could walk to them, but if I don't go there, I don't spend money. But, I went there, so I spent money:
The whole owl stationery set was $7.99, I had two princess blind boxes for the same price each, so I put them back and got the stationery. There are two folders, a big notebook, a pencil pouch (totally don't need another of those), an eraser, a pencil sharpener, three pencils, a smaller notebook and a ruler. I'm not exactly sure what I'll do with everything. The folder that you can't see, has a design like the larger notebook, just a bunch of cute doodly animals, I'll probably cut it up and use it for art. The eraser is a hedgehog, I have a co-worker that likes hedgehogs, so she'll probably get it.
The owl pen was $1.99, so I got it to add to my pen cup at work. The emoji page markers were $3.99 I believe, I want emoji stuff, but I always find it too expensive, I'll probably use those for friend mail/art as well. 
The figure on the right was in a DC comics blind bag, it's Green Arrow. I'm not a huge fan of him. I spent about $22 here, and only spent my $20 for the rest of the stops today.
Next we went to drop off a box at the goodwill, if I had more notice than just at work last night, I would have gathered more than a bag, but I closed last night. And had to get up and go to the post office before we got together this morning. I'm sure I'll find more later anyway.
So, we went to the front of the store:
I found these really cute cards that someone made at sometime. They're kind quilted, they're made with cut fabric pieces. I loved them and will most likely send them out in swaps. I'm really bad at getting cards to people, cause I feel I have to make them cards, even though I do know they're just excited to get a card. I try to buy cards so I can get them out to people. That little square thing on the yellow card is a tiny book stamp. It's got a face, arms and legs, but it was only $0.59 and if you know me, I love books.
We also traveled over to the Salvation Army, I hadn't been in this store before, it's not wicked new, I feel they moved in shortly after the library vacated the space about 2 years ago, I've just never made it there. I found a great deal, though:
That Project Life core kit on the bottom was mostly unopened, but it was all there (I didn't actually count the cards, so a few could be missing) for $3.99. As I was checking out, I told the cashier if you went next door (they are right next to Hobby Lobby), they're selling them for $30, she just looked at me.
I liked the stickers were $0.99, and the little stuffed animal is from Neopets, I don't know if it still exists, but you got to pick your pet and keep it alive, there were games too. I believe I played it in high school, so about 15 years ago? The set of the "Little Mr. and Mrs." pins were also $0.99, I bought them just cause they were them.
Lastly, we went to Dollar Tree because I needed body wash, and since you can't get just one thing there:
 They had more of their Christmas stuff out and boxes to put out. I was commenting to my friend on the way over there that I would gladly help them open and put out their stuff cause I feel like there's always boxes sitting around. I picked up a couple Christmas sticker books (actually the only stickers I picked up, mostly cause the sticker selection sucked and I really need alphas right now). One of them I bought only because it has a sticker of Santa driving a pick-up full of presents. I finally found the Halloween flair buttons, now that I'm pretty much done with Halloween swaps, typical. I of course picked up some gummies (the only ones though). That figurine is Ursula, and who doesn't love her? I love that Halloween snowglobe, I was originally gonna take it to work tomorrow, but I really like where I put it here, and I think it's gonna stay. I picked up the duct tape, it's the one with the typewriters, basically just in case I saw somewhere that someone wanted it. I don't need more duct tape right now. And my body wash, it smells so good.
No garage sales this weekend, I have to open tomorrow.

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