Thursday, April 02, 2015

It's April

I'm hoping that brings more exciting things. Everything seems boring to me lately, the movies and books I get from the library, making art, anything I try to do around here. I've noticed when I drop into these depressions, I spend more money, thankfully I have a little extra money from my tax return, but I really need to get back to not spending money. I have been spending too much to get that instant gratification lately, of course I've also had a hard time finding things that are exciting enough to spend my money on too, mostly material things, I have no problem spending on food.
I saw online an ad for a garage sale this Sat, I'm thinking I'll go check it out, see if there's anything I want. I did pick up a bag of trims from someone yesterday, they are very cute though I don't know what I'll do with them and I certainly don't need more. I have decided on what I'm allowed to buy at garage sales this year: I'm still looking for a couple sizes of Pyrex bowls, I don't care too much about the condition they're in, they're just nice sizes. I'm allowed to look at vintage trim and buttons, I love buttons. I'm allowed to buy jewelry if it's $1 each or less. I don't know what else I'm allowed to buy, but I hope to ponder about things before I decide to buy them. I feel I have less things than I did last year because of down sizing, but I still have waay too much stuff.
One of the ways I'm slowly getting rid of stuff is giving it to friends for gifts. I have two people I put together Easter baskets for, and other than the chocolate, I only bought one thing for them.
I created an Easter basket for myself as well, but it's not near as fun because I know what's in it.

I found a box of VHS tapes with stuff recorded off TV the other day, I've been going through them and finding some great older TV shows: New York Undercover (some of those I'm keeping), ER (totally keeping those), That's Life (nope), Pacific Blue (I have all the seasons on DVD, so not keeping them), Pensacola: Wings of Gold (yes, depends on the episode), Third Watch (yes), The Huntress (only if it's a good episode), Cover Me (most likely not), and various other ones that are still on TV. I've also found quite a few movies taped off TV that I now own on DVD. I have a working VCR, so I can keep them, but I've realized how bad the quality of these tapes are, especially after years of watching them, and re taping over them. One was in black and white and the clarity was horrible. I also found it funny, some of the stuff I was keeping, I'd accidentally tape over the end of it, oops. Oh, well, it's been fun to go back through it.

It's been really nice weather wise lately. Yesterday we had our second day in the 80's. Of course with it being so warm, I'm hoping my landlords will get an AC check done soon. I'm not really interested in turning on my AC until later in the year, but it would be nice for these days when it's 75 in my apt.

I'm getting tired of the state of my apartment, it's not bad, but it's getting cluttered and messy again. I guess it's time for a little spring cleaning. It's weird, my messiness never bothered me before, but now when I have to jump over things to walk through my apt, I'm getting annoyed and having a clean counter is really nice.
I'm making lemon cheesecake for Easter. My parents and I are getting together for brunch, I'm not sure of the rest of our plans, but before my mother decided she didn't want to get together with the extended family, I said I'd make cheesecake, and now she really wants cheesecake. Plus, I put together an Easter basket for her as well.

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