Monday, April 06, 2015

New finds

It's starting to be warmer lately. Last Saturday, my mother and I went to lunch and did some shopping. I know these are horrible pictures but I will update with better pictures soon. Here's what I picked up: a tiny nest for my aunt, a cute spider for a friend, an owl and a star for me.
 a tiny nest for my aunt, a cute spider for a friend, an owl and a star for me.
 A neat ornament and burlap bird for me, a reindeer ornament for my brother.
I also picked up a jar of jewelry, here are my favorites:
  I put some of these items in my Easter basket.
Yesterday, my dad and I went to the local Eco fair, that basically informs people about things that eco friendly, a couple of the freebies I picked up:
 a notepad, koozie, cup, bag, flashlight, pencil sharpener, pencil and pen. Apparently the color of the day was green.

I hope everyone had a good Easter, I found mine to be less than exciting. I've been putting my own Easter basket for awhile (mostly after I bought this basket a few years ago), and I realized the other day, it's just not as fun when nothing's a surprise in it.
 A minion cup, the burlap bird, star and owl ornament I bought last week, a bunny 'egg', a bunny figurine, tiny bunny button leprechaun pin and BINGO book I bought a few weeks ago at the antique mall. I'm hoping to create a glue book with the BINGO book.
And the yummies:
Ferrero Roche eggs, a Lindt truffle, some random chocolate and some peanut brittle balls.
My mother did buy me a jar of buttons,

some shoes
 and some chocolate.

We went to brunch at a local restaurant, but that was about all we did. After brunch, we went back to my parents condo so I could see my mother's bunnies (which she hasn't had out in years) and open my Easter basket. It was nice to get some interesting buttons, but when I opened the jar it smelled strongly like vinegar, I think it was from the breaking down of some of the plastic buttons.
Nothing was very exciting, but then I don't know what would be exciting these days.

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