Monday, April 13, 2015

Interesting snacks

A week or so ago, I ordered a box from Freedom Japanese Market. They have boxes of snacks only sold in Japan, you can choose to get a subscription that comes every month for $25 or a one time only box for $27. I decided to do the one time only box because I don't have that much money to spend on a box of treats every month.
I got my box last Friday, here's what it looked like:
There is an informational sheet included to tell you what everything is.
 And here's what was inside:
 Starting at the top and going clockwise (from my informational sheet): Kaki Wasabi, a great mix of peanuts and crunchy crackers with a strong wasabi flavor; NeruNeru NeruNe!, this much requested DIY candy is back, easy to make and fun to eat, share your finished snacks and creations with us; Caramel Corn (Peach), crispy corn, wheat and soybean four curls with a light peach flavor, the package resembles a hina-matsuri (Girl's Day) doll; and Pretz, roasted, flaky pastry snacks in a sugar glaze.
 Starting at the top and going clockwise: Rilakkuma Soft Sen (rice crackers), lightly salted senbei (rice crackers) shaped like the characters on the package; Yuki no Yado, frosted and lightly sweetened rice crackers; Sono Manma Cola Gum, cola flavored gum that contains three pieces - one of them has a surprise super sour filling; Kuki Wakame (sour plum), keep an open mind and try some of these pickled seaweed sticks - one of our favorite snakcs; Hi-Chew, chewy fruit flavored treats; Umaibo, back by popular demand - these snacks are a fan favorite; and Lemon mini bottle, pour the granular contents of the bottle directly into your mouth for a fruity and tart treat;
I tried the wasabi flavored pack on my own and have decided I really don't like wasabi flavored items. The rest I took to my friend's house and we had a little tasting party. We started with the NeruNeru NeruNe!, when I opened the package there was a white part to hold it, and three bags, going by the pictures on the back I mixed water with two of the packets that had white powder in them. First it smelled strongly of grape, then turned pink:
 The third bag had these colored sugar crystals in it. The paste part was very sweet, the pictures on the pack showed the spoon with the pink and then dipped in the crystals.
 The paste was very sour, the crystals kinda made it less sour, but not much. I didn't think it was very good.
Next we tried the caramel corn, peach flavored:
 I really liked these, they're very good. They kinda reminded me of the cheese puffs in consistency, but the taste was really good.

Next we opened the Umaibo:
 They looked like big cheese puff sticks, they were hollow in the middle. I found the taste very strange, my friend said one was beef tongue, the other had a robot dog on the front and we couldn't figure out what the taste was supposed to be, but decided there was a pork flavoring in it.
Next we tried the Rilakkuma Soft Sen:
 Sadly, I had forgotten the description sheet at home, and mis remembered the description for these, I thought they were slightly sweetened, not salted. So, we were a little disappointed in these, they were also very bland.
Next up was the Yuki no Yade:
I liked this one, the white blobs on top are sweet, the cracker underneath was salty, it was a good combination.
Neither of us liked the pickled seaweed, but to be fair, I don't like seaweed or things that are pickled, so I didn't think I'd like it either. I was a little disappointed in the lemon mini bottle, because the description sheet had a strawberry one and I would have liked that better than lemon. I've had Hi-Chew before, so I haven't eaten that yet. I really liked the Pretz, they reminded me of sweet breadsticks.
I tried the Sono Manma Cola Gum myself, my friend doesn't like cola flavored things.
The taste didn't last very long, but it made very good bubbles.

I was hoping for more sweet items, there were more salty things than I really wanted, but it was nice to try it out. I might buy another one in the future. I had heard of this company from another blog I read, and have been wanting to try it for awhile, but was a little put off at the fact that I had to get a subscription, I was happy when I saw the one time only box.
I thought it was nice to try the sweets. I've been trying to try new things lately, I've visited all of our Asian food stores, a Middle Eastern food store and I'm going to an International Food Fair next Sat. I really like trying different country foods.

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