Thursday, March 19, 2015

Running errands

I've been shopping. I have been trying to fill Easter baskets, but I can't find much to spend my money on lately (that's not always a bad thing). I have my basket, a couple friends and one for my mother.
Last week I decided it was warm enough to visit some stores and see if I could find anything good.
First stop was Target, but I talked myself out of what I had in my basket there. Walmart is a couple blocks from Target, so I try to go to both when I get down there. I found a few things at Walmart:
 Some cute Easter erasers, Ferrero eggs and chocolate covered pretzels. The pretzels were for me. The rest made it into baskets.
Next was Dollar Tree, I mostly just picked up necessities there, after that it was Hobby Lobby where I spent most of my money on stuff that was on clearance:
 The minion cup is from the dollar store, that went in my Easter basket. The flower had a few tiny chips on it, I figured it might be good for a gift someday. The flower child I originally bought it for my mother, but I think I've fallen in love with it. The confetti went into Easter baskets, it has cute little hedgehogs, owls and foxes.
Next I stopped at HyVee, because someone was saying how good Ben & Jerry's Tonight Dough ice cream was, sadly I didn't stop at just that:
 I bought my regular favorite of Chubby Hubby and a pint of pistachio. Lately, I've noticed the ice cream tastes different and not in a good way. I was very disappointed in the pistachio and have decided to spend my money on Blue Bunny in the future. I get more for less money, so why not. I am a bit sad to let go of Ben & Jerry's though.

This week, my mother and I went to an antique store in a couple towns north of us. It's pretty big, and was having a spring break sale, but I only found three things to buy (I'm sorry it's not a very good picture):
 A spiral bound book made from a BINGO card, a leprechaun pin and a bunny button. They all went into my Easter basket.

Today, my friend and I headed west and went to a few other culture grocery stores to get something interesting. First stop was an Asian store:
 Ramune drink, I've seen people try this on YouTube and have wanted to try it. It was ok, it reminded me of Sprite with a little fruit, not the greatest, but I'm glad I got to try it. Taro flavored soft rice cakes, I wasn't too impressed with these. I love the taste of taro (I believe it's a root vegetable and it's pretty sweet), but these didn't have much taste and they were very sticky. Melon Milk drink, I haven't tried this yet, I was really thirsty this morning. Vegetable cake, which I didn't see was vegetable, I thought it was just a piece of bread. It was pretty good, the inside kinda reminded me of an egg roll, so I warmed it up and had it for lunch. The last item is a cream cake, I believe it has some kind of cream in it. I tasted a little bit of it and the outside kinda tastes like a croissant.
I did find a bag of green tea Kit Kats, but they were about $8 for a bag, and it felt like not a ton in the bag, so we decided we could get them cheaper online, but it's nice to know there's some here if I want them.
Next stop was a middle eastern grocery store, we had both been there so it wasn't as fun as the Asian food store that we hadn't been to, but they still have yummy items.
 I picked up some cookies with hazelnut cream in them and peanut brittle balls. The peanut brittle balls went into my Easter basket.
I've been trying to try new foods lately. When we went to S. Carolina I tried to get food that I couldn't get here, and now I'm trying to visit all the different food stores we have, plus there's an international food fair coming up in April that I'm going to. I think I'm just sick of having all the same boring stuff, and food is something you don't really acquire, so I want to spend money on it.
On my way home I walked past a store that had some gorgeous scarves for sale and bought one for my mother:
I think she'll like it.

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