Thursday, October 02, 2014

last weekend

So, last weekend, I went to a few sales and an annual art festival. Saturday, I got up and noticed it had rained overnight, when I went started going to sales, the rain had stopped for the day, and had been done for about 30 minutes. I guess since it rained overnight, sales decided to get a late start setting up and/or uncovering their stuff, three of the five sales I went to either decided not to set up at all, or were just getting to it. I left my house at 9AM because that's when the closest one said they were starting, they were just bringing things out to tables, so I skipped it, I did go back later though. The second one was just uncovering and I felt awkward going through their stuff when it wasn't uncovered yet, so I skipped that one. The third was open at 7AM and they had their stuff out and ready, I bought a TV tray from them. The fourth didn't even set up, I could see a tent from further up the street, so I went over to it, but there was nothing out, as I was leaving, someone else walked up to it. The last sale was barely setting up as well, this was very close to 10AM and they supposedly started at 9, they didn't have much out and were still pricing and setting up.
I understand it rained the night before, but I also know it hadn't been raining for about half an hour, so I was really annoyed that people hadn't gotten outside and set up sooner. These were at the last sale, be sure to click and make them bigger, they are goregeous
 Did you see the price tag? One dollar each? Like I said they were gorgeous, but I have no place to put them, so I left them behind. This week as I was checking craigslist for sales, I see someone bought them and was trying to resell them for $15/pair. I felt kinda sorry for the person who sold them last week, not only did they not to go a home that actually wanted them, they're trying to sell them for a bunch more. Oh, well, I guess that will eventually happen anyway.
Here is the TV tray I bought, along with a balsa wood box found in the free box at the last/first sale I went to.
 Here's what I bought: everything but the Hello Kitty key chain, the hexagon box, and the crystal piece were in a box for a quarter. I really only wanted the tiny caterpillars, but I liked the other stuff too.
 Sunday was the annual art festival. I had decided before going I was going to buy some collage packs from a lady who makes books, unfortunately, she wasn't there this year.
Here's what I did get
 a cute knitted creature, a wooden snowman, and a money clip with a computer chip on it.
The money clip I mailed to my brother for his birthday, he works with computers so I figured he'd find it intriguing. I doubt he'll actually use it, as I don't believe he actually carries cash anymore.

So, I decided to create an Advent calendar for myself. Every year, I say I'm gonna make a cute one with neat gifts that I pick out early in the year, and every year I don't. This year, I started collecting tiny boxes to put things in. I'm going to put in future purchases, there are a couple annual fall sales coming up; but I also scrounged up some stuff around my house that I haven't used very much, or put away and forgot about.

I spent a $25 gift card at Amazon last week on stickers:
They were so cute, but now I want to create with them and I don't know what. Any suggestions?

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