Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Etsy Swap

Hi All,
I participated in a swap where we followed our partners through social media and bought things off their Etsy favorites site.
My partner was Katherine Lau, she has now received her package, here's what I sent her:
A bunch of floating flower candles, she said she liked flowers and bright colors. 
 A cute little notebook, doesn't everyone need one of these?
 A bird nerd from Collage-O-Rama. I really liked this, I almost bought one for myself.
 A pack of key charms from Charm Emporium, very cute.
 And a pair of acorn earrings from Ashley Elaine Designs, also very cute.
I wrapped everything, because I think it's way more fun to unwrap each present, not just see them when you open the package. Because I was lacking a bit of packing material, I also added an orange ombre scarf.  I'm still waiting on one little piece, I'm thinking it's lost in the mail.
I thought it was pretty cool that she makes papercuts, way back when I started doing art, papercutting was the second thing I learned to do, right after origami and before stamping.

My partner was Brandi from Lipstick and Tractors, here's what she sent me:
A sparkly butterfly, a couple rolls of washi tape, one is owls, the other green with spots; some metal charms, a few felt owls and some cute owl earrings. I think my favorite piece is the owl earrings. I did get all inspired to alter a cigar box with the butterfly.

I liked this swap, except for the fact that I had to pay separate shipping on all my Etsy purchases. We were all supposed to spend $25 for the gifts, thankfully the shipping wasn't too bad, but I hate paying shipping. I decided I could handle it because someone was doing the same for me. I might bow out of more swaps in the future, I've been trying to save money and sadly spending money on swaps does not save it. Maybe, if I could find more ones where I get to make things...


Katherine K. Lau said...

Thanks so much for your package Wendy! I love it, especially the Nerdy Owl! I can't wait to get a frame for it!

My reveal post is here if you want to check it out!

Kat @ SimplistiCreations

Amy said...

ahh that owl print is so cute!!! i love the glasses on it!

and i love what all you received! i think the butterfly is a great addition to your cigar box.

yes, shipping can definitely rack up some of the minimum $25, but we're all about supporting small businesses! :)

I'm so happy you participated

Victoria said...

I'm glad you decided to go with it this time around! The Etsy Swap is my favorite by far, mostly because the shopping is soooo much easier! :)

You sent AND received some great items! I think it's great that your packages were very similar. :)