Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Christmas Swaps

It's coming up on Christmas swap season. I'm planning to join a few, as you can see from my last post I already joined a Cozy Box 2014 Swap. #cozyboxswap2014
cozy box swap
I'm hoping to join the 12 Days of Christmas Swap at Chaotic Goddess Swaps, I joined this one last year, and even though there were a couple kinks, it was still lots of fun.

I also have joined an ornament swap in years past, we exchanged ornaments the other person would like.
I've joined the Button Floozies White Christmas Button Book Swap, we'll make either a paper or fabric book full of buttons for our partner.

I love Christmas, and I love picking out/making things for people. My mom said we shouldn't do presents or just do small ones, so I guess if we're doing that, I should just do swaps.

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