Sunday, July 27, 2014

Is it August yet?

So, it's almost August. And things are soon to change. My parents are about to close on their house. The new owner is coming on the 1st to do a final walk-through and whatever else is required. My parents moved out last week, they're just finishing the clean-up. It's so weird going downstairs and it's almost all empty.
Yesterday, we had our last garage sale, I have to say, I'm really tired of having garage sales. The previous one, my mom pretty much only had her stuff out, she decided they didn't really have room for my stuff. This time, they tried to pull out the rest of the stuff they didn't want. There's still a lot left. After we closed for the day yesterday, we were packing up and all these people kept coming through, it was rather annoying. At first we were just letting them take things, but then they irked us so much we made them pay for them. And they were taking their sweet time going through everything.
I have noticed quite a few things that bother me during these sales. I don't understand why people feel the need to bring their dogs. We had all sizes of dogs wandering through the sales, and the owners didn't see anything wrong with it. I didn't want to say anything because they might decide not to buy anything, but what if I had someone there that was gonna buy a bunch of stuff but they were afraid of dogs or really allergic to them? I like dogs too, I just don't know why people need to bring them everywhere. There was one couple that got out of their truck and took the dog out, it didn't have a leash let alone a collar, and they just let it wander all around with them, didn't even seem to watch it. And they didn't buy anything either.
There were a couple people that rode their bikes through pretty much the entire sale, that was weird. I didn't understand why they couldn't just plop them down in the front yard.
We had a couple people pay us for free stuff because they felt bad just picking up free stuff, that was kinda cool. We decided to have it all day on Friday this time, and I think that helped, but it seemed after the first hour there wasn't a ton of people here at the same time.
I had to take Friday off because last time, they sold a pretty big ticket item of mine, but didn't attribute the money to me. I did have one thing disappear. It was a ring in a bag with something else for 50 cents, and someone took the ring out. Now, I don't know if they put it in another bag and paid for that or just stole it. I just was annoyed that it was so cheap, and you still stole it.
I'm also amused that people always look at stuff that's not for sale and try to talk you into selling it. It's like you have to completely cover everything else in your garage or wherever your sale is, so someone doesn't look, and they still uncover things and ask you about them. And then when you say no, they get all annoyed. Or then, there was the lady that got annoyed that we stopped to think about a lower price on something when we were in the middle of another transaction and didn't get back to her soon enough. Sometimes it's just interesting to people watch at these things.
I think I started making deals way too soon. I just wanted to get rid of the stuff. I didn't want to haul it back up to my apartment. I feel there was a lot of stuff left over. After the first sale, it seemed not too many people looked at art supplies, so I have a ton of those left. Looks like I'll have to take new pictures and re-post on Etsy. I had taken everything off because it seemed like nothing was selling, so I didn't see the point of paying the 20 cents every time they expired. I didn't get rid of the two vintage trunks I wanted to.
I guess I did pretty good, as I've been living off cash for the whole month of July pretty much. It's really nice to not use my checking account. Though the other day, I was using my debit card and I forgot the pin (because my bank assigned me a new one and it's not something I would pick). It's really nice to have extra money, but I don't want to spend it at all.

I'm still stressed with my parents. Wednesday morning was so nice because they weren't around, but since then, I've been really stressed. My mom was complaining on Thursday that she'd have to be at the sale on Friday morning because it wasn't as ready as she wanted it to be so she could work in the morning. And she's saying this in front of me, implying it's my fault. She's been doing that a lot during the move. She's the one that's not doing things that need to be done, but she doesn't want to take the responsibility for it, so she puts it on someone else. She's also realizing how much my dad can't see the more she's around him. She realizes why I get frustrated because he can't see things and then he doesn't take my word on things and asks me dozens of times. They're in an apartment while their condo is being finished and in this apartment there aren't phone plugs, so they're doing some kind of internet phone and they have to connect their modem (which they didn't have) to an internet port in the wall and then into their phone thing, and dad's asking me how to connect the Ethernet cable, so I told him twice. And then, he called my brother and asked him, and he told him the exact same thing. My mother has decided being blind somehow affects your ability to remember things. I can understand that with things you see, but I don't understand how it's with things I'm telling him. I mentioned it might also be because of his hearing, but the minute I said that, she changed the subject. I think it's because both of their hearing is kinda going, and if she confronts his problem, she'll have to confront hers.

I just can't wait until they're not here and I don't have to do (it seems like) everything for them. Half the reason I'm so stressed is because of them.

Yesterday after the sale, I had to mow the lawn because my cousins were taking our lawn mower, and then we were packing things in their trailer, I don't believe I really got to relax until about 8:30 last night. By the time I went to bed at 10ish I was so tired and my whole body hurt. I wish I could just relax today, but I have to go to work at noon, and that's just (not) fun. Maybe I can relax on Wednesday.

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