Thursday, July 17, 2014

I need a break

I need a new job.
My job was re-organized in May, and I got demoted. Everyday I come in and they tell me what I can't do for the day, and every day it gets worse. I've had days I've felt like just leaving. Or I come in and I think I should just turn around and leave. I need the money though. I was going to wait until after a big even happened thinking it would get better, but it just keeps getting worse. It's just blow after blow. We have lost about 10 people since we got re-organized, so much that they're relegating our details to other people, and then they decide we can't even do those duties. Basically everything is not our problem, and I have a hard time putting in the effort when I'm there.
It used to be, work was a way to get away from my personal life, but right now, both are so stressful, I woke up physically drained yesterday.
My parents are moving (I live on the 3rd floor of their house) and the moving truck is coming next Tuesday and this Monday they started freaking out. And now they're bugging me to help them, because they are nowhere near ready. I know I don't need an excuse to help them and I shouldn't be bothered because it's not my fault they didn't get in gear earlier. They've known for a little less than a year that they were moving, and they just ignored it. I know they should have been sorting a long time ago. But, now my mother says she doesn't have time for sorting, but she has time for other things. Shouldn't moving be her first priority? She shouldn't have said yes to all these things she said yes to, because she has a ton to move. But I can't say anything, because I'm wrong and she's right.
I don't have any where to escape too. I need a vacation from my life.

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