Saturday, January 04, 2014

It's cold

Bother. I'm not liking Iowa right now. It seems every day when I open my curtains, there's frost on my windows, some days it doesn't even melt, just sits there all day. I love not being able to see out my windows. And it's windy, lately the highs have been in the teens or below with very cold wind chills. Today, it was in the 20's, but the wind chill was -2 degrees F. Tomorrow, the high is 3 with wind chills in the -30's. Monday will be wicked cold. The high is -11 with wind chills in the -40's. My boss said if you are outside for 10 minutes, you'll have hypothermia. She was waiting to see if we could be closed.

Tomorrow, my mom and I were supposed to go to a couple antique stores in nearby towns, but she said tonight, that it will be too cold to drive outside of town. Is that a thing, or is she just giving me an excuse?

This is what the national weather service says: There is a wind chill warning January 5th through January 7th. Extreme life threatening cold expected late tonight through Tuesday extremely cold arctic airmass will arrive overnight and persist through Tuesday. Combined with strong northwest winds through much of the threatening cold and wind chills will occur...especially Sunday night and Monday. These wind chill values will be the coldest values in nearly 20 years over much of the area.

I'm so excited.

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