Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. What's something you're dealing with that might be described as tricky?
Blisters on my feet. Last week I had to power walk across 3 giant sized parking lots to my job interview because the bus driver decided to change the route, so instead of arriving early, I arrived just on time sweating and out of breath. The shoes I was wearing weren't all that comfortable, but they looked professional. That night when I took my socks off I found almost dime-sized blisters on the backs of my heals. And then I had an 8 hour day on Wednesday. The rest of the week, I had bandaids on them. Sunday, I decided I didn't need the band aids and left them off, and then mowed the lawn in bad shoes and aggravated them again. Today, I had another interview and better shoes, but not good shoes and aggravated one of them again, and developed one on the bottom of my foot, and tomorrow I have an 8 hour day. I think I will just be wearing band aids on my heels for the rest of my life.
2. What's your treat of choice?
Any kind of treat? Ice cream. I used to not like ice cream in the winter, but sometimes it just hits the spot. I try to have some in my freezer all year long.
3. Did you/will you carve a jack-o-lantern this month? Which real (living or dead) or fictional 'Jack' would you most like to meet in person? Why?
I don't carve pumpkins, I don't recall if we did it when I was young or not. I know one year, I tried to convince my ex to do it, but he didn't want to. No one comes to mind.
4. In your opinion, what's the grossest sounding word in the English language?
How about pus? That goes along with #1.
5. When did your heart last skip a beat?
Tonight when I was watching World War Z. Not so much because the zombies bothered me, I feel I've seen all the recent zombie movies, so they don't scare me, more because they'd make a sound, and I was afraid the zombies would hear it and come for them.
6. Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Picket, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon, or Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters...your favorite 'scary' tune?
Totally Thriller, the music video for that is great. I love how you can hear all the sound effects in the song as well.
7. It was a dark and stormy night when______________________________.
I was born. It was, I swear. There were tornado warnings going off, they had to move my mother to the basement, so when my dad came back from checking on my brother he couldn't find her. Why do you think my name's Wendy?
It's not actually night now, but it is turning out to be a dark and stormy day. As I'm sitting here, it's getting darker, which of course I didn't notice, and I can hear the thunder. As long as it stops in half an hour when I have to leave for work, I'm good with it.
8. Insert your own random thought here.
I'm trying to figure out if I should be:
A. Batgirl
B. Lost and Found
C. Instant Witch

I'm leaning toward Batgirl, basically it's just a Batman T-shirt I have with a blue skirt, grey leggings, and blue flats and maybe a cape.
Lost and found would be random things taped to my clothing
Instant witch: i have a shirt that says "Instant witch just add candy" I figured I could tape candy to myself.

I wanted to do the Batgirl thing last year, but I thought no one would really get it, so I just wore the witch shirt, a black skirt and a witch hat. I told my friend about my Batgirl costume and she said I should have worn it. Originally, I wasn't scheduled for Halloween, but I took someone else's shift, so now I am, and working at a library where everyone else will dress up, I feel I should, plus how many times do you get to wear a costume to work?


A Joyful Chaos said...

Ouch! Your blisters sound painful!

Enjoyed your answers.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

Those are all really cute costume ideas. I was trying to think how you'd do lost and found and your idea is good. It's fun when you can wear one for work. Last year at my kids' school I worked on Halloween and I was Waldo. Hope your blisters heal fast. That's the worst! Happy Halloween!

Joyce said...

You have an exciting birth story. I hope your feet heal quickly, and a job results from the interviews!