Saturday, August 10, 2013

My first estate sale

So, I made myself go to some garage sales this weekend, which actually wasn't too hard because they finally sounded interesting. The two sales I went to on Friday, I had been to in the past. This first one advertised rocks and shells. Here's what I got:
 Some cool rocks I'm not sure what I'll do with them. I was thinking of using the blue, green and purple ones in art, but I have no plans. I might varnish them, as the coloring is so much richer when they're wet looking.
This second sale, the lady basically has her whole driveway and her garage with tables full of stuff, usually not priced, but I know I'll find something good there, so I always go.
Stemmed glass, spoons, silver sugar bowl, creamer
I've never seen a stemmed glass with the painted pattern on it. The two glass items, the masking tape with the price was so old, some of it is still on them, does anyone have any suggestions to getting that off? I really shouldn't have bought the creamer, as I have a lot of those already, but I'd never seen one in this pattern. I always use my spoons the most, so I told myself if I found any cheap ones at sales I was going to buy them, I hadn't found any yet, so I had to jump on these.
That was the end of Friday, I walked just over 2 miles.
Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker, asked once if we planned out our sales or just went by the seat of our pants. Since I walk to all the sales I go to, I plan them out. Starting Wednesday, I check the local classifieds online, marking down sales that sound interesting in a notebook with the times, dates, addresses, and what sounds good to me. I have a page for Friday, and one for Saturday, if a sale is on both days, I list what sounds interesting to me on the page for Friday, and just jot down the address and time for Saturday. I only go to ones I can walk to, I figure if I have to pay for a bus trip there, it's not worth it. Most of the time I end up walking about 4 miles, I never really think of it, because it doesn't seem that much to me. I do like to see how much I walked on mapmyrun, basically it's a site where you map your route and it tells you how many miles you walked/whatever.
I've taken to checking craigslist Friday night/Saturday morning as it seems people wait until the last minute to post things on there. There seem to be more and more sales posted on there instead of in the papers lately, so I make sure to check it.
Today, I started out at a sale, that I thought was too far of a walk yesterday, on my way there, I found two more sales, but didn't find anything to buy at them.
Daffodil, party, green alphabet, stars, and celestial stickers
The next sale, the lady used to have a shop downtown but had closed it down and she was trying to get rid of her inventory, or so she said. One of the items I wanted was a Carebear, she gave me $3 as her lowest price, but since I wanted it just for me, I can't justify spending more than one dollar on stuffed animals, so I left it behind. Here's what I did get:
Bug pin, Raggedy Ann figurine, buttons, bookmark, two parrot pins, reindeer earring
I'm thinking of using the reindeer and buttons in artwork, I don't know about the rest.
This next sale was one I wandered by. I saw the sign and told myself I shouldn't go, as I'd been to it in the past and didn't find much. But then I talked myself into checking it out, and saying I didn't have to buy anything, that worked well.
Activity book, King of Misfit Toys keychain, white cotton, sheer purple fabric
I bought the white cotton fabric as a base for my next fabric book, which I hope to do at least part of on a sewing machine, I've noticed people start with a base of plain fabric and add onto the top of it, thought I'd try it that way this time. The purple fabric is also for a fabric book.
There was an ad for an estate sale in the paper this week. I love reading on people's blogs about them, so I thought I'd check it out. Originally, I was going to go wait yesterday, but I didn't want to walk all the way over there. Today on craigslist, everything was listed as 50% off, so I decided to wander over there.
 Basket of chicks, activity books, handmade collars, hanky, ceramic flower pin, tiny glass animals, table runner
The table runner, handmade collars and hanky are for a fabric book, I figure I can find these items cheaper at sales, I might as well snatch them up even if I never use them. Once again, I love activity books, these are those "magic" markers where you go over the paper and the lines appear. I loved the tiny glass animals, I used to have a flower pin like this one, but I used it in an art project.
 I know they're old, but I don't know how old. They're made out of pom poms, paper and pipe cleaners. They seem to be geared toward holidays, I just thought they were wicked cute. They're even still pretty soft. You can also see a closer picture of the glass animals, I've seen these for sale at zoos, I don't know if that's where they came from, but they were cute. There's also a closer look at the flower pin.
After finishing at the estate sale, I was tired and decided to forego the other two sales I was going to go to. I dropped my bag off at home and went to the Farmer's market. I didn't buy much, but I keep hoping something exciting will jump out at me.
This stuffed dog was with some other Christmas things that were on the curb marked free. The pastry is a napolean. Basically it's layers of vanilla pudding and puff pastery, they're very good.
Today I walked abut 5 1/4 miles. Like I said it doesn't seem like much to me, but it's interesting to know how much I walked. While figuring that out, I thought I'd see how far the library is from me, I walk about 2/3 a mile to get to it every day, so most of the time I walk 1 1/3 miles when I'm working.

This weekend I had a 3 day weekend, which never happens. Yesterday, I basically slacked off and went to a few sales, today I decided to go to the farmer's market even if I didn't go to any sales. Tomorrow, I finally talked my friend into going to the State Fair. I haven't been there in quite a few years, I always want to go, but it usually is when I'm working at the bookstore, and can't go. This year when I noticed I had this weekend off, I've been trying to convince my friend to go. Apparently they raised prices this year, so that was a turn off, but I finally did it. I'm so excited. We won't have a lot of time, as she does have other things to do tomorrow, but I'm really excited, I don't go to too many things. I'm afraid it will be another I'm really excited and it lets me down day though, we'll see.

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