Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recent finds

These past few weeks I have been working a lot and standing a ton, and it's going to continue the next two weeks. Last Saturday I had the day off but I was so exhausted from the week, I didn't do anything. Today, I have to work later, but going garage saleing totally helped my mood.
This first picture is what I've bought at stores.
 The ISU Alumni shirt is from the bookstore, I couldn't pass it up. The canvas circle tags are from a trip to Hobby Lobby when I needed carstock. The three stampers you see, I thought were Mike, Sully, and some other monster from Monsters Inc., unfortunately when I opened them and stamped them, they weren't. I love dot-to-dot books, so I had to get these and the puffer fish was just cute. I had read on Curtains In My Tree about some velvet pumpkins she picked up from Jo-Ann's, so I went there the other day, I didn't find those pumpkins but I did find the purchases above.
Today, I found a few sales I wanted to hit, some weren't interesting, but I did find some cool/interesting buys.
This was the second sale I hit, from the front of the house, it didn't look like much, but then you got to the back of the house and they had a ton of stuff.
 The background is an orange/brown scarf, I really need to stop buying elephants.
When I came up to this sale, the lady said everything was 1/2 off, who would pass that up? The wall paper at the top was the buy of the day, there was a whole box of it with 4 rolls all about 29 inches tall, I don't know how much of it there is, but it is beautiful. I bought the necklace to tear apart for crafts.
This was the last sale on my list, it's an annual church sale. I wanted to go yesterday, but life got in the way. Today, there was hardly anyone there and not much exciting stuff. The bells I thought would work in a swap. The spoon says it's a William Rogers original, I don't know what that means, but I really liked it

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