Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's Wednesday Hodgepodge

Wow! Two weeks in a row.
1. My daughter earned her Master's Degree this past weekend...what's something you've 'mastered' in recent weeks or months?
I'm not sure about mastering things, I know I'm getting better at not letting little things bother me. I may have mastered standing for 8 hours without my feet getting tired.

2. What song most reminds you of your childhood?
My Hometown by Bruce Springsteen. Actually any one of the songs from his Born in the USA album. I grew up on that album and every time I hear any of them, I'm a child again. My Hometown seems to come up quite a bit as we're pulling back into Ames from trips.

3. What do you think about single gender groups and/or events? Should every group/event be open to both genders? If not, what sort of exceptions do you think are appropriate?
I think it's nice to have both genders at some things, but I also like single gender events. I don't think a bachlorette party or a baby shower would be as fun if guys showed up. Also, can't really have a girl's night out if guy's are invited.

4. What's your favorite spice? Your favorite dish containing your favorite spice?
I don't DO spices. I have a very sensitive tastes, and anything too spicy or salty, sometimes even just a tiny bit too spicy/salty and I can't handle it.

5. I saw this question on Marla's facebook page and asked if I could steal borrow it for the Hodgepodge...thanks Marla!
Chevron patterns are everywhere! Do you like it or think its just a little too much? Do you own anything 'chevron'?
I like a little chevron. It looks nice on some things but I don't like a ton of it. I also think a larger pattern rather than a smaller pattern looks nicer

6. What's something you disliked as a child, but can fully appreciate now?
That's a really good question, I'm not entirely sure. I have grown to like seafood/fish more.

7. What can irritate you very quickly?
Tiny sounds in the background. I like quiet. I work in a not quiet environment, but if I can hear your music outside of your headphones, it drives me crazy.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
I have no random thoughts tonight. I just started back at a job that's very tiring for me, I love it, but it tires me out. So, I'm wicked tired, I'm also hoping it will pick up soon. I love being busy at my job.

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