Saturday, June 29, 2013

Junkin in June

Yesterday, my mother and I went to an event called, Junkin in June. Basically, it's a bunch of little antique stores that are open special hours around central Iowa, see my post from last year here.
Our first stop, was a place called Junk Refunkery in Boone. I found a few things there to buy:
 A tiny plastic camel, a tiny plastic piece that says "no sweat", two metal leaves and a plastic dog.
The next place was called Red Barn Rustics, I remember going to it last year and finding so many cool things, this year not so much, I don't know if it's because I had been there last year or what. I did find this tiny bunch of cards showing the views around Abraham Lincoln's cabin:
 The next stop was at As The Crow Flies, last year I bought some cool stuff there. This year, I thought things were a little pricey.
The next stop was Red Granite Farm, a plant farm that had some antiques on site as well.
 I bought this cute "Hope" magnet, and a tiny poodle plate,
Our next stop Bittersweet N Berries, was very nicely priced, I get so spoiled by garage sale prices that I forget what reasonable prices are.
 Frog, hankies, tiny plastic bunnies, two pins.
 Bird cup, frame, my mother actually bought all these as a birthday present for me. Now, I feel I need to get her something as cool.

After that we went to Gilbert, which is north of Ames, a couple shops had flea markets in their yards. Our first stop was the one that was selling food, by that time it was after 12, and we were HUNGRY. Unfortunately, I didn't find anything to buy at that stop.
The last stop was JB Knacker's, which is the place that arranged the whole event. I found a few pieces at her flea market:
 Fabric piece, it's torn in the middle, I figured it'd work great for another fabric book. Magnets, glass stopper, tiny utensil piece, glass square, and tiny flower pin, bottle
I'm getting quite a collection of elephants. I also think he was the best buy of the day, but I wasn't too excited about anything I bought.
I think it was much better last year, but I also believe the first time I experience things is the best time. This year I kept waiting for an exciting purchase and I didn't find anything really great.
Later in the afternoon, I went out with my friend, we went to Micheal's and I found some stuff to buy there as well.
Some 3D embellishments, some burlap stickers, and some metal gears. Everything was on sale, so I feel good that I didn't buy anything at full price.

My birthday is Tuesday, I'm turning 30. I'm pretty excited about my birthday, maybe because I'm having a party. I haven't done big things for my birthday in awhile. The last time I had a party two people came. My ex and my best friend and I had a picnic at a state park. That was quite a few years ago. This year, I'm having a dinner party with six people and me, plus they're bringing me presents. Who doesn't love presents? I keep worrying about having the food ready on time, the weather, and just stuff.
My mother's birthday is Wednesday, I won't tell you how old she is. I feel I always share my birthday with her. We always go out to eat one night a week, usually where she wants to go. This year, she suggested that, since I obviously can't do it Tues night, but I work late on Wed and Thurs, so those are out as well. I said we always do that, I also feel a little gyped that we never go where I want. So, she suggested, we do one this weekend, and one next weekend. Works for me.

Have a good weekend all.

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