Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Party Favors and stuff

for my birthday party, but we'll get back to that. A little filling in from the past few weeks.
Remember when I went to the art walk and found nothing to buy? Anyways, one of the stores we went into had this beautiful desk. If I had the money and some place to put it....
 This past weekend I went to one sale and found nothing to buy. Saturday was my first Saturday off in probably a month, I decided to spend the day doing things for me (it didn't work out that way). My plan was to go to our downtown farmer's market, and then to a local flower shop to pick up some flowers, to a local chocolate shop for chocolate, and finally to a bakery for some pastries. That didn't quite work out either. I did go to the farmer's market, but I found pastries to buy there.
 This is a napolean, and it was great. When I was a kid, we went to Washington D.C., to a open air market. My father and I shared a napolean, and while I'm not entirely sure I remember the taste anymore, I'm still looking for it. The one above was really good except for the powdered sugar part. Powdered sugar and I don't get along very well. It was extremely rich, and the pudding was wonderful, though I couldn't get the puff pastry to cut, so I ended up eating every layer separately.
 This is a fruit tart, I had one at a restaurant a few weeks back, this one was really sad.
 A mixed berry pastry, also not so great, way more pastry than fruit.
 These were from a different vendor. It's hard to tell, but the first one is rumchaka, the second is lime coconut and the third Snickers. I wasn't very impressed with these, I loved that the frosting was a cream cheese version, but the cupcakes weren't that good. The Snickers one I gave to a friend, she said it was good.

So, like last year, all I bought at the farmer's market were sweets. I really shouldn't go at all, I thought I'd check it out this year. I don't cook with fresh veggies/fruits, so farmer's markets don't really work for me, I'm more of a boxed meal person. I wasn't extremely impressed with the pastry vendor, she wasn't very open toward me. Part of the small vendor thing I figure is to be open and talkative with someone whether they buy from you or not. There was one vendor that had these beautiful peonies for sale, we have some, so I didn't buy any, but I would definitely buy from her in the future if I needed to. The cupcake lady was nice to, but like I said, I wasn't very impressed with her cupcakes.
I made it to the flower store, but not anywhere else.
I have decided I need to go out to the garage sales even if I don't buy anything. I don't exercise much, and going around to the sales gets me off the couch and walking. Also, I need spoons, I bet I could find those cheap at sales.

And onto the party favors. Like I said before, my birthday is coming up and I'm doing a dinner party with my friends. I decided I needed favors.
 So, everyone's getting a candle, a wooden rose, a pinwheel, a glow bracelet, a bottle of bubbles, hand sanitizer, a squirt animal, and some chocolate. I haven't bought the chocolate yet.
Here's what they look like in the bags. I'm thinking of folding the tops down and threading the rose through some punched holes to close them.

My friends don't read my blog, so I'm not worried about that. Do you think I need something more?

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