Saturday, September 10, 2011

More Stuff

I spent less than $25 this weekend. I started late Friday afternoon this time, there were 2 sales that didn't start until 4, and I wanted to get to those as well as a couple that ended at 5 and 6.
My first stop I picked up a bunch of stuffed animals and some grab bags of stuff. Both of the cats, I had versions of when I was growing up in the 80s, this sale had a ton of stuffed animals from the 80s, she even had a set of the Berenstein Bears with all but Sister bear.
The book is called "What Puppies Do", I couldn't pass up the title. It's a bunch of cute puppy pictures. The beads and bunny were in one of the grab bags from the first sale I went to. The snail stick pin was at a sale at a house I had visited earlier in the summer.

These are all from one of those grab bags at the first sale, I love the stone items.

I thought I had the exact green cup in another color, but when I got home, I realized, they're a little different. The 12 ball I found in the grass as I was going to a sale. I decided today that I didn't need anymore books, and then I bought the dictionary on my way home. I have a tendency to pick up dictionaries if they are under $1 (I use them in my artwork), I have eight dictionaries from the 1950's or earlier.

I loved the turtle/frog figurine, the yellow and white crocheted thing is to cover a round table I have (I never measured it, but this one was finally the perfect size), the cup is part of a Christmas present I'm putting together, I gave the butterfly piece to my mother, and I couldn't pass up the embroidered lady.

I picked up some yarn for a friend, and this cute little frog can come out of his snowsuit and has a cute pair of striped underwear underneath.

And, my personal favorite, jewelry, I can never pass this stuff up. I believe I spent $8 on the jewelry, my grand highest for a sale this weekend. I swear I'm like a magpie, I can't resist the old sparkly ones.

What exciting things did you all find?

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Annesphamily said...

You shop like a pro! Great bargains! Ilvoe sparkly things too. Anne