Saturday, September 24, 2011

Garage Sales

I went to an estate sale today, that was mostly fabric. In the picture below you can see tables filled with boxes of quilting magazines and books. There's also two rows of tables covered in fabric.
And behind those, a row of tables next to the house covered in sewing notions, bits of lace and quilts

This was a table full of glassware and religious items

The table in the front of the picture was covered in yarns, afghans, and sewing notions. The table behind it was mostly kids stuff, and the table behind that was a TV and some movies

These were the cutting tables they had set up, just like a fabric store

And here's what I bought from my sales:

This first picture is from the estate sale, the big piece in the background, my mother hinted at it being a great present, the pink piece and butterfly were already pieced together waiting for something. At the bottom is the pile of lace and trims I bought along with a doily and a cute red cow. You can't see the afghan I purchased, it's being washed.

These were from another house sale. The couple had already moved out and the house was filled with everything they didn't want to take with them. There's a cute angel for my mother, two vases, some Christmas ornaments and a couple bunny rabbits.

Here is a mug, a vintage fork, a cute glass whale, and a container of fabric leaves

I spent just over $20 at the 3 sales I went to this weekend, I think I got a good haul from them.

What did you all find?

Also tune in tomorrow for my finds at a local art festival and half price day at the library book sale.

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