Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun Finds

This picture belongs at the end, so imagine it's there. These are the last books I bought at the library book sale. Again, a couple math books, a Cricket magazine (love these), a word search book, and a Look for Laura book.

OK, so they're a little late. I apologize. I've been pushing 30 hours at my job for the past 3 weeks or so, so I'm just so tired everyday. I know I shouldn't complain because there's people out there working so many more hours than me, but I'm not used to so many hours (it's a part-time job, and I'm technically not supposed to have more than 20 hours a week), and I'm not complaining about the hours (especially when I get that paycheck), but my feet aren't that happy.

Anyways, here are my cool finds from yesterday:

I love this artist, Lisa Victoria, I bought some of her stuff last year, and decided I was buying more this year. I also learned that she had her artwork at a local cafe, and had a poster up at the library, I saved the poster because it was so cute. The print at the top is what was on the poster, I was telling her the story, so she gave me a free print of it. I'm sending the grouchy looking fairy to a friend. She had the Fairy Monster in a frame and it was $40, I really wanted a magnet of it, but I'll settle for the card, she said she may make him into a magnet in the future. And I just love the multi-colored angel magnet.

This was such a cute elephant container that I couldn't pass it up

The booth I bought these at had handmade books, and then these collage packs, I think they are just her leftovers from the books.

After getting home last night (and it was over), I wished I had bought a pink plastic fish, but oh well, maybe next year.

I also stopped at the library book sale, Sunday is half price day, I always try to go on Sunday.

The Law and Order book has pictures of their crime scenes and explains what they did to create them. The Iowa book has such great pictures of Iowa. I just found You won't believe your eyes interesting. I have been reading in random places about how cool the Rachel Ashwell book was.

I once again couldn't resist the holiday activity books, and the postcard books I figured I could use the images in art.

I didn't realize that said Mensa IQ, but I thought it would be a fun book to look at. I love the weather magazine, and the two books on the bottom looked cute too.

Because I suck at math, I've been trying to buy cheap math workbooks, so I grabbed those two up, the Women book looked fun to read (I took a couple women's studies classes in college), and the Christmas book just looked interesting. It actually does have some pretty cool things in it and I think I will try some of the recipes.

This book, I saw laying on a table and didn't know what it was, so I opened it up and saw this:

It's got a lot of great pictures in it, I thought they'd be great backgrounds for my art work.

So, that's 22 books for about $12, pretty good deal, I think. Of course I had to carry them all home, I never think about that when I'm loading them up.

Now, I totally don't want to spend money for awhile, though I bet that won't last long. I do have to find a birthday present for my brother for this week.

I totally just failed on that, I went to Lisa's site and bought more stuff. Someday, my fridge is gonna be covered in her magnets.

Any good finds for you all out there?

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