Monday, September 12, 2011

Something new and exciting

This is all Carrie's fault. I updated my OKCupid profile a few months or so ago, with no intention of becoming interested in anyone. I originally put this picture, and didn't get anyone interested in me.
So, I changed my profile picture to this one:

And now I've got more people interested in me. I've been chatting in Yahoo messenger last week with one of them, who just sent me a message yesterday that I should text him, I'm not completely sure I'm up to that point of him knowing my phone number yet, but I'm giddy about it. I got another message from a guy yesterday interested in chatting with me. And I messaged two guys today. I get sent 'matches' every day by a program on this site, and I decided to look at them today (I generally delete them), and messaged two of the guys. I'm giddy about that too. I'm really excited that guys are interested in me (even if it's just through a website), because I've never gotten much interest from guys before. And everything in my profile is all me, I didn't type anything in because I thought it might interest a guy. I've said how I love action/violent movies, that I read true crime books, that I love muscle cars and shooting.

Thanks a lot Carrie.

I'm also massively nervous about posting this, I don't know why.

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Carrie M said...

You're welcome! Have fun and be safe!